Somebody should watch the “WATCHDOG”

by:  Diane Benjamin

See this post from yesterday:

County Auditor Michelle Anderson ran for office calling herself a watchdog.  Evidently the rules apply to other offices, not to hers.  As reported yesterday, she paid for new furniture for her office out of a personnel fund. the $13,000 should have been returned to the County instead.  The question is:  Will the County hold her accountable?

The County Finance Committee is investigating.  These are the people deciding if Anderson purchased the furniture against County policy:

Chairman Ben Owens [email protected]
Laurie Wollrab [email protected]
Sondra O’Connor [email protected]
Erik Rankin [email protected]
Jim Soeldner [email protected]
Chuck Erickson [email protected]

Maybe they should hear what you think.   What precedent does this set for other elected officials?

Here’s a little history on Michelle Anderson:

1)  McLean County Auditor Michelle Anderson believes her track record as the county’s financial watchdog won her the Republican nomination for the auditor’s post on Tuesday.

2)  “It’s my duty as auditor to recommend approval or rejection of claims. My staff and I work very hard with department heads to make sure everything meets county policy. If I put my name on something and say it follows policy, I have to feel comfortable with it,” said Anderson.

3)  Read this glowing endorsement by Tari Renner:

Do the rules only apply to other County officials Michelle?


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