What’s with the Pantagraph?

by:  Diane Benjamin

I hear the Pantagraph has run NO letters to the Editor this week!  Here’s some theories I’ve heard:

1)  Nobody is reading the Pantagraph anymore, therefore nobody is writing letters.

2) They are censoring letters and haven’t received one they think is fit to print.

3)  They received a ton of letters critical of Mayor Renner and David Hales for proposing tax increases and massive new spending.  Since the Pantagraph and the City work as a team, they couldn’t print the letters.

4)  The Pantagraph no longer cares what readers think.

5)  The Pantagraph no longer has local staff to process the letters.

6)  The local manager is on vacation and no one else has the authority to approve letters for print.

7)  Email to the Pantagraph isn’t working.

8)  Nobody from the City has been available to approve letters for publication.

9)  Useless editorials took up all the space.

10)  The Letters to the Editor computer had a hard drive crash, it wasn’t backed up.

Any other ideas?

If the Pantagraph won’t print a letter, send it here.





4 thoughts on “What’s with the Pantagraph?

  1. I quit reading the Slantagraph! Even one of my buddies, Paul Dunn, has offered me a free subscription recently and I told him, NO! Frankly, I wouldn’t line the floor of my bird cage with that trash because I don’t want my birds to be indoctrinated with lies!!!

  2. I looked up the definition of “useless” the other day and it linked me to the Pantagraph website. Well, I must say I was a bit surprised as that’s the first time I was linked for a definition. However it made perfect sense.

  3. I would say 5 is definitely a possibility. The Pantagraph building has had a space for lease sign on it for a few months now.

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