Integrity matters? not really

by:  Diane Benjamin

Obvious;y the McLean County Auditor had no problem spending over $13,000 for new furniture.

That’s not the only issue with a “public servant” in McLean County,  but crimes are only crimes if somebody prosecutes.  Otherwise, public corruption doesn’t matter.

Tonight, a person under Federal indictment is on the agenda for appointment to the Library board.  Linda “Susie” Curtis.  Her name will now probably be removed.


The Decatur newspaper had much more information on the case:–year-term/article_72cc9405-0d6c-5706-a6be-adcf4b1157a7.html

Questions remain though.  Did Mayor Renner know and nominate Susie Curtis anyway?  Why would Susie Curtis allow herself to be nominated?

Evidently integrity doesn’t matter.






3 thoughts on “Integrity matters? not really

  1. We live in a time of universal deceit. The end always justifies the means for some. Nothing is unethical as long as it achieves their goal, moral turpitude doesn’t exist

  2. Your Arthur Haynes story seems to have diasppeared. I’m wondering if you remember this story about Linda Curtis? You basically kept a woman off the library board who was soon after convicted of hiring someone to plant a pipe bomb in her brother’s mailbox. She’s serving time, right now!

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