Fed’s usurp local control

by:  Diane Benjamin

No, this has nothing to do with Nevada!

Now that ObamaCare is being implemented (at least the parts not delayed), the Federal government thinks they can write all the rules.  The local serfs must comply.

Here’s the latest proposed rule change:

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) today announced a proposed rule on the adoption of updated life safety code (LSC) that CMS would use in its ongoing work to ensure the health and safety of all patients, family and staff in every provider and supplier setting. 

Read it again – CMS want to override existing local rules and ordinances – but it’s to keep you safe!

Here’s part of what is proposed:

The key changes for ASCs are:

  • Would require interior non-bearing walls have a minimum of 2 hour fire resistance rating and be constructed with fire retardant treated wood;
  • Would require all doors to hazardous areas have to be self-closing or automatic closing;
  • Would address the issue of placing alcohol based hand rub dispensers in corridors;
  • Would require a fire watch or building evacuation if sprinkler system is out of service for more than 4 hours; and
  • Would require smoke control in anesthetizing locations.


ObamaCare was passed, not to provide healthcare at affordable prices, it was passed for CONTROL.  They want to not only control what healthcare citizens receive, they want to control the providers.  Local building codes and the opinions of local medical professionals should take priority over what bureaucrats in Washington DC want, but local rights are being lost because of money they will receive from CMS.

The schools don’t have local control because they took money from DC, thanks for Common Core and uneatable school lunches.

Now CMS wants to further burden healthcare providers with regulations.  More than 6 million people lost their health insurance because of ObamaCare, yet the Feds are rejoicing about 7 million signing up.  Why are healthcare costs increasing?  It’s pretty obvious.

They are proposing much more.  See it here:  CMS Proposed

This is America?








3 thoughts on “Fed’s usurp local control

  1. In addition the CMS would require all high rise buildings over 75′ (feet?, that’s only 6-7 stories) to be fully sprinklered within 12 years. The federal government has become an agency charged with doing whatever they can to make life more expensive and more difficult for the American people. Control is their #1 mission.

  2. Obama and the Democrats claimed 47 million people were without health care before Obamacare was enacted…. so there is apparently only one million new applicants who has signed up. The unaffordable care act is a boondoggle.

  3. What’s occurring today in America reminds me of a bad episode of the Twilight Zone! So many people still can not see behind the mask of this usurping wolf in sheep’s clothing and his so called “concern” to provide and protect US which is nothing but control and enslave US! I am shocked that Obama still has a 40% approval rate……………are people really that stupid? Obama is the Manchurian Candidate for the Illuminati’s shadow government. He is doing exactly what his masters want him to do through the orders given to him by his evil advisers, Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod. Just follow the Cloward and Piven strategy with Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals on how to overthrow Capitalism and our Republic to replace it with their stinking Socialism. Remember Karl Marx, the father of Communism wrote that the main avenue for Communism is Socialism. Marx laid the foundation and was clear that for Communism to succeed, Capitalism had to be destroyed! These left-wing Alinskyite Progressive Obama worshipers love to preach about social injustice, they race bait, bring forth class warfare propaganda, amnesty for illegal aliens and push their failed ignorant gun control policies, these are all part of their agenda to divide and conquer our nation. The real tragedy is yet to come when America falls to a third world country and those dependent on government entitlements wakes up to the fact that they have run out of other people’s money and then the moochers and freeloading thugs, the Marxist rebels for Mr. Obama, will take to the streets for their blood thirst of violence! It will make what happened in Rwanda Africa back in 1994 pale in comparison to this holocaust, because it will be in every metropolitan throughout Amerika! I think what is holding this up for the Emperor’s plan of destruction is that he has not been successful in getting the guns away from true American Patriots!

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