Renner talking about the budget-weird!

by:  Diane Benjamin

This email was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act

Below is an email sent by Tari Renner to Karen Schmidt and David Sage after they had breakfast together.  It was written February 28th.   Tari implied in one radio appearance, I think WJBC, that he wasn’t for the 17 new hires.  He actually made it sound like they were a surprise in the budget!  This email sounds different.

I wonder if the department heads know they may be replaced?  Many of the emails I received refer to low employee morale, including this one.  No wonder.

I find his comments on passing a budget with less than 60 days disturbing.  He sounds like he expected the Council to just vote YES without question.  Does he respect the aldermen who didn’t fall in line?   Incompatible direction?







One thought on “Renner talking about the budget-weird!

  1. Mayor Renner ” There are many department heads that can be replaced to help us down another direction.”
    Can anyone trust Mayor Renner anymore on anything?

    1. Renner left Fazzini hanging by himself on Ward modification after he himself helped write the petition.

    2. Renner denied any involvement to 92.9 and WJBC even though the email seems to prove otherwise.

    2. Renner played hard ball with McDade to the point she wouldn’t even return his phone calls.

    3. Renner tried to turn McDade’s vote by throwing fuel on the fire about an incident with city manager Hales and obviously is not a fan of Hales according to the email.

    4. Renner was contradicted on 92.9 by Alderman Black who had a different version of Renners account of how long they have been working on the budget.

    5. Renner according to BLN News may not have been totally forthcoming to Sage about an email Alderman Sage was questioning him about.

    6. Renner wrongly went after Stearns during a council meeting and in Saul Alinsky fashion ignored dozens of her budget cuts put forth for consideration and focused on one cut only in a effort to polorize her with questionable information.

    7. Renner went after Alderman Lower during a council meeting for daring not to participate in “Group Think” and ask questions.

    So it appears at least Alderman Fazzini, Black, Lower McDade, Sage, Stearns, WJBC, Cities 92.9, City Manager Hales and now 17 department heads within the City have reason to be leary with Mayor Renner. The Mayor seems to have poisoned the climate at city hall and frankly may not be up to the task of being Mayor.

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