Renner: What is he talking about?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Below is a 30 second clip from the last City Council meeting.  This is Renner’s lead-up to his attack on Alderwoman Stearns.  Healthcare?  Gay marriage?  When were these part of the budget discussions Tari?  Anybody have a clue where he got his information?  He is reading the attack, so obviously he thought about it!  Healthcare costs were a part of the discussion, but from his tone he is thinking ObamaCare.





4 thoughts on “Renner: What is he talking about?

  1. Some people like to sound like they know what they are talking about even when they don’t have a clue. This is a fine example.

  2. I too don’t have any idea what in the world he’s talking about, but I could not more strongly disagree with his assessment that national issues have no place in local government. Hello! This is what’s wrong with his budget. The local level is where these issues matter most, in my back yard. It’s neglect of them on the local level that has led to so many problems in our state and nation.

  3. Its loco that Mayor Renner complains about National Politics being brought into the local level.

    1. Above Mayor Renner rambles about Gay Marriage, but yet it was him Renner in his position as Mayor who brought the issue to Bloomington by signing the freedom to Marry petition in his official capacity as Mayor. So look in the mirror Mayor Renner.

    2. Mayor Renner attend the US Mayors Conference which according to Yale Law School is a “Transnational Group” whose ideas are being pushed Globally across National Borders.

    3 Mayor Renner is big on Sustainable Development. Sustainable Development is a Internationally developed ideology that is basically “BACK DOOR SOCIALISM” based on the Hoax of man Made Global Warming. Furthermore much of it was designed by Socialists and Communists.

    4. Mayor Renner as Mayor participated in President Obama’s Act on Climate Project. On the Projects own website President Obama says he will bypass Congress and take action on his own. Is undermining our form of government the Culture Change the Mayor so often speaks of?

    5. One of the conferences for city officials was headed up by Socialist Joel Rogers. Who admits on video that we can totally shut down the economy, ban all vehicles and it would have little impact on carbon emissions.

    6. Another conference recently attended featured the speaker Socialist George Lakoff who wrote “The Little Blue Book.” It is a book about how to manipulate the public through vocabulary as a social engineering tool to achieve a Progressive Agenda.

    7. Every year we send local Alderman to Washington DC to ask for federal money with strings attached to push what the federal government wants for our community.

    Once again just who is really bringing National Politics to the local level.

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