The END of Common Core in sight

CHICAGO – Today, members of the House of Delegates (HOD) of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) passed the following resolution that enjoins the city’s educators to growing national opposition to the Common Core State Standards, saying the assessments disrupt student learning and consume tremendous amounts of time and resources for test preparation and administration.

Now that the resolution has passed, the CTU will lobby the Illinois Board of Education to eliminate the use of the Common Core for teaching and assessment; and be it further and will work to organize other members and affiliates to increase opposition to the law that increases the expansion of nationwide controls over educational issues.

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8 thoughts on “The END of Common Core in sight

  1. I believe, from what I have studied, that Common Core standards and policies have been written by close friends of Barack Obama. By now, those of us who are awake to the lies and con-jobs of Obama know that he is an American hating Communist who is a strong supporter of “re-education” to reorient once Liberty loving Americans away from Capitalism leading them towards Communism. Even the Communist Party USA backed Obama for re-election instead of running one of there own pro-Communist politicians. Back in 1970 Bill Ayers was the leader of the terrorist organization known as the “Weather Underground,” a violent group that declared war on our American Heritage! Ayers and his cohorts were responsible for the bombing of a San Francisco police station that killed one officer and seriously wounded nine others. Ayers managed to escape imprisonment because of his political connections, and today he’s working from within our government and schools to overthrow Capitalism and Free Enterprise. To reach his goal, Ayers has turned to what is known as education reform or Common Core education. According to Accuracy in the Media, “Ayers educational brand or philosophy is all over Common Core.” How is it even possible that our country could be so deceived as to allow a domestic terrorist, someone who holds nothing but hatred for our Liberty and Freedom to come anywhere near the minds of our youth with this poison indoctrination of Common Core education. We MUST say NO to Common Core propaganda because it’s all part of dumbing down Americans for the fulfillment of the UN Agenda 21!

    1. Will you at least admit that you get most of your information from partisan outlets (The Blaze, Reason, Breitbart, The American Thinker, etc.)?

      1. Blaze is conservative, not partisam. No Reason, I hate watching long videos and most of their stuff is video. Breitbarth occasionally. American Thinker a couple times a year. Is it that hard to believe I see things and actually know they violate common sense and principles of freedom?

      2. Partisan??? Why do you label TRUTH partisan madboy? Do you really allow your mind to be indoctrinated in Orwellian lies with CNN (Communist News Network) and MSNBC (MSLSD) that promotes wicked leaders, like this Obama government as good and good American patriotic leaders as evil?

      3. You never answered my question. You wake up in the morning, you wonder whether or not Putin’s gone all imperial with guns blazing in Eastern Europe, which web sites/news outlets do you check?

  2. Well, it sure would not be the Kool-aide drinking, cult following, Obama worshiping media!!!

  3. The Blaze is controlled right. The evil triplets, common core/c-scope/core knowledge came from the UN/Unesco/Tavistock/World Bank (the Marxists are front men) and have been around for years. The schools have been doing Outcomes Based Education for 25 years and it started under Bush and Reagan. So what’s new? They wanted data and charter schools, and people are falling for it. The data goes to internet2 a closed internet system that only international governments, corporations and ‘researchers’ and ‘knowledge workers’ (fascists who read your files) can see. Not parents. Welcome to the New World Order. Nobody wants to believe both parties work for the same elite so we can’t stop it until you guys wake up, which I am sure will be never. Carry on with your left and right bull crap, divide and conquer is the game, your kids get to be slaves.

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