Fact checking Renner: Utility Taxes

by:  Diane Benjamin

In order to pass a Utility Tax, Mayor Renner claimed every city within 120 miles of Bloomington already charges higher rates than Bloomington.  See the 37 second video below.  The City had already passed a 4% Amusement tax and a $.04 a gallon Motor Fuel Tax.

The Utility Tax is in 3 parts:

Item 9a. Proposed Gas/Water/Telecommunication Tax increase

Item 9b. Proposed Electric Utility Tax increase

Item 9c. Proposed Municipal Gas Use Tax.

Was the mayor’s statement correct?

Pontiac has a 1/2% Telecommunication Tax, NONE of the others.  (not on website  – verified by phone)

Peoria has 5% Electric and Telephone, NONE of the others (see website)


Pontiac doesn’t have a Motor Fuel tax or an Amusement Tax.  Peoria has $.02 a gallon Motor Fuel tax, not $.04 like Bloomington, and their Amusement tax is only 2%, not 4%.

So, was Tari telling the truth?  I could investigate more surrounding cities, but it seems unnecessary.

Why does the rest of the media allow Renner to speak with NO fact checking?







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