Democracy Verses What we really are

by:  Diane Benjamin

We are not a Democracy!  If any politician calls us that, it’s because:

  • they are uninformed
  • they are trying to act like they are being fair
  • they are using the term to say they can’t change what the people want

A Democracy is why Bloomington will soon have bike paths on major roads.  Let me explain.

Mayor Renner loves to say there are 80,000 people in Bloomington.  He must not know about the 4500 employees I’ve heard that State Farm has transferred out – that doesn’t including spouses and children.

Bike Blono may have somewhere between 200-500 members.  Using 500 – that’s less than ONE percent of the population who want bike paths.  The other 99% of the population gets to dodge bikes.  So how did the biker’s get their way?  Noise, emails, letters, and showing up demanding them.  That’s what a Democracy is – whoever makes the most noise and creates the biggest fuss gets their way.  Since Mayor Renner thinks we are a democracy and some people on the Council will always comply to be liked, the rest of Bloomington is forced to live with bicyclists inches from your car.

What we are is a Representative Republic.  We pick our representatives based on what they tell us they believe.  In Bloomington not enough people vote for it to matter, so you have 7 potted plants and a Mayor hell-bent on getting the 2 conservatives off the Council.  If the potted plants were at all afraid of losing their seats, they would want to know how the 99% feel about bike paths.  Instead, they just heard the 1%.  Not wanting bikers disliking them, the pots inflicted the cost and danger on the rest of the citizens.

Elections matter.  The quality of candidates needs improvement and so does the resolve of citizens to vote.  Currently we have mob rule, whether it’s Bike Blono or a bully Mayor.

City elections are early next year.  All it takes to be on the City Council is a desire to represent the people in your Ward.  Let me know if you are willing to serve.






5 thoughts on “Democracy Verses What we really are

  1. If only the 99% would get involved and become pro-active like the 1% that wants the city to believe that they are the majority. Involvement is most important to protect and preserve our Rights………………………………………….. Rights are like muscles: If you don’t exercise them they slowly disappear! 🙁

  2. Honestly, I would not mind giving it a go. But honestly I do not know if I have what it takes to be on the Council. Meaning, I do not like to put up with the type of crap that went on at the tax raising meeting and I do not know how I would react to it. I do know if that stuff happened to me personally, at minimum there would be a shouting match.


    1. Now it’s 7 against 2. Imagine what a different Council it would be 5 to 4, or even 6-3! Judy and Kevin need support – Renner needs opposition.

  3. Thank you for speaking out about this issue! Bike paths are a scar upon the land. People should drive in cars on bike-less roads, like God intended. Exercise enfeebles the mind, which is probably one of the leading causes of the decline in democracy, as you rightly point out. Bless you.

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