Fly on the wall: Self Scanner

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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All you people out there that LOVE to scan the items yourself at grocery stores etc – Do you realize YOU are eliminating a job?

If the minimum wage is raised, you will see more of them.  You will be ordering yourself at restaurants on a kiosk.  More jobs lost!

Low wage employees won’t exist.  High school kids won’t have jobs.  College kids won’t be working their way through school.

Can we go back to capitalism?  Did you know that Microsoft created at least 10,000 millionaires?  How many did Apple create?  Google?  Facebook?  The list is endless when government gets out of the way.

Congrats to all the new graduates.  Unfortunately America is in decline because the politicians don’t have a clue what made America the place the world ran to.  Your future isn’t all that bright.  Sorry.






2 thoughts on “Fly on the wall: Self Scanner

  1. America has been put on the fast track to Socialism thanks to Vladimir Obama and his left-wing American hating Saul Alinsky Progressives!

    “The goal of Socialism is Communism” – Vladimir Lenin

  2. America is in decline because DC politicians sold out to global interests which will pillage this country of it’s wealth and resources as long as they can. Globalists are not loyal to any one country but to themselves. They are enabled by idiot potted plants that do not possess any clues of the reality that surrounds them.

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