Fly on the Wall: Honoring Veterans (Pantagraph IGNORED!)

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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I hear the Pantagraph is going to ignore the Korea Vietnam Memorial restoration unveiling at Miller Park.  Mayor Renner and MOST of the Council had nothing to do with it, so it’s not news.

The restoration took 2 years and wouldn’t have happened without private citizens and Alderwoman Judy Stearns.  The eternal flame had been vandalized and the names of our local veterans Killed In Action were fading.

The ceremony will be on Memorial Day – around 11:15.  Take a few minutes to honor our heroes!

Before Picture - names fading!
Before Picture – names fading!
After picture!
.After picture!






3 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Honoring Veterans (Pantagraph IGNORED!)

  1. I too noticed the “oversight” this morning. They had a picture of it, but no details or any word about a rededication with all the other scheduled Memorial Day events.
    The Pantycrap has sunk to an all time new low on this one and now we see they’re flying their true colors, and they aren’t red, white and blue This is shameful.
    Keep it up and it won’t be long until we have no daily “Paper”in this town. When the last one left at The Pantycrap shuts out the lights I won’t mourn their demise.

  2. What else could we expect from the Slantagraph! They quit printing my letters to the editor that I had been submitting regularly since 1995. Mr. Pickering (Gate-Keeper) told me that I lacked civility for our President. It’s odd to me that they are so blind that they refuse to see the lack of civility that this so called President has for our Constitution, our American Heritage and our nation! I think if these Progressives who have hijacked our media continues we may see an ugly dictatorship arise with this American hating, Communist loving, Muslim Brotherhood fraud of a President and his regime!

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