Does the Pantagraph just make up news?

by:  Diane Benjamin

In today’s edition, the Pantagraph has a story about the Heartland Community College wind turbine.  A study is going to be conducted to see how many birds and bats are murdered by the blades per year.  The Canadian Free Press just released information on the subject:  CFP frequently reports what American media ignores.

The Pantagraph story made one outrageous claim though:  “Most of the turbine’s construction cost was paid for with a $950,000 U.S. Department of Energy grant . . ”

Really Pantagraph?  You think $950,000 covered most of the cost?  I’ve never heard of the reporter, Maria Nagle, but she really needs to do some research and write facts instead of propaganda!

Here is a link to a story I did in 2012:  Total construction costs were:   $5,168,408 

I filed another Freedom of Information act request this week for turbine costs and electric bills.  In 2013 I did an analysis of savings generated by wind:  When the information is received, I will update the worksheet.

Meanwhile, be very skeptical of Pantagraph facts!  Maybe they will update their story in the “Setting it right”  column.





5 thoughts on “Does the Pantagraph just make up news?

  1. I’m always very skeptical of Pantagraph! That is why we do not subscribe to it. They twist and create the news to fit their left-wing Progressive agenda instead of reporting the truth! Mark Pickering is their loyal gate-keeper who controls what goes in and out of the Slantagraph to keep out the facts. Recently at work, I noticed one of their papers laying on a counter and before I threw it in the trash where it belongs I noticed on the front page it stated that Illinois businesses is cool with tax increase…………..yeah right!

  2. What do you have against wind energy? Are you against USA energy independence? Do you want us to keep importing oil from the corrupt OPEC?

    1. Wind is MUCH more expensive than any kind of energy other than solar. Our country can not run on wind and solar and these costs make everyone’s cost of living much higher. The middle class is disappearing because costs to citizens are higher. Gas cost is double. Electricity costs are going up as coal power plants are shut down. Energy independence is using our own energy sources, something the current administration won’t do. Unemployment in North Dakota is close to zero because they are getting OUR energy. That could be the same story across the country, but the citizens are allowed to prosper.

      Oil countries are actually funding documentaries on the evils of fracking and pipelines because they are scared we will be the energy leader in the world. It’s tragic that our country thinks wind a solar can generate enough power. With all the wind turbines in Illinois, only a tiny percent of needs is being generated at an enormous cost to us and wildlife.

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