Bloomington’s spin begins

by:  Diane Benjamin

The City of Bloomington has hired a new Communication Director.  The citizens will be paying a salary, benefits, and pension to make the City look good.  All the glowing press releases issued will be front-page news for the Pantagraph.

The  press release below was issued today.  Why is it news when government does the job they are supposed to do?  Should the citizens have a party and celebrate that the City actually comparison shopped?

Get ready for a long stream of these.  Renner and Hales will be adding them to their resumes, and the Pantagraph will think this is news.  Meanwhile, all the above hope you don’t notice the tax increases.  Welcome to Pravda.

Press Release - Stone River Group_Final


2 thoughts on “Bloomington’s spin begins

  1. What, no press release heralding the new 4 cent/gallon gas tax? I wonder how many like me will refuse to buy fuel in the City of Bloomington? Of course, Normal will follow suit soon “in the interest of fairness”.

    1. It is delayed until August 1st. Maybe they couldn’t get their duck lined up for June 1st, or maybe they are giving Normal time to pass it too.

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