Why you are getting bike paths

by:  Diane Benjamin

The opinion of average citizens don’t matter.  The only voices heard by government are the ones that make the most noise.  There is a group of ardent bike riding adults who want bike lanes on major streets.  They have been working for years to get them.  They finally succeeded because they convinced enough of the elected that Bloomington-Normal is not an attractive place to live without them.  The vehicles on the roads and the rights of the drivers are immaterial, the bikers won.  Does common sense tell you anything about bikes and vehicles using the same road?  Who is going to get blamed when a biker is hit?  Since there is an organized effort to get the bike lanes, do you believe there won’t be an organized effort to blame the vehicle driver – regardless of who is at fault?

Below is an email received under the Freedom of Information Act.  It clearly shows how Council members are convinced.  They attend conferences where only one side is heard.  They assume from all the energy at the conference, they are the majority.  The perceived benefits are touted, but not the downside.  Minority rules, citizens pay.







4 thoughts on “Why you are getting bike paths

  1. I left website comments for the city..basically saying the vast majority of people, go to work, drop off kids, pick up groceries, run business’ that take deliveries…all WITHOUT bikes. Heaven forbid we fix the roads to service these people. Or address bloated unfunded pensions, city payrolls, breaking water mains, and sewers that are collapsing

  2. The heartfelt adopt socialism as a way to help their fellow citizens and slowly but surely fall blindly into socialist objective of Communism. The local councils seem quite satisfied with their fall.

  3. David Sage is the one who puzzles me. Why is he even running for re-election? He will ask interesting questions and get answers that would leave a rational person to vote no and than he immediately votes yes every time. If you are simply a yes man why are you there just so you can tell people you are an alderman?

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