ONE day to higher gas prices!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington’s gas tax goes into effect tomorrow – Four cents more per gallon!

Bloomington thinks you should blindly pay any taxes they want you to.  The good news is Normal has NOT passed a Motor Fuel tax!

Mayor Koos will try to sneak it in when they think you won’t notice, so don’t get too excited.  (I’m thinking around Labor Day)

Until then, get cheaper gas in Normal starting tomorrow!  Below is a list of stations in Normal, I’m not sure if I have them all.  Will Bloomington stations have absorb the FOUR cent difference just to stay in business?

I wonder why Mayor Renner choose now to take a vacation?

Don’t forget who voted for you to pay more:

Ayes: Aldermen Mwilambwe, Schmidt, Painter, Fazzini, Fruin and Black.

Nays: Aldermen Stearns, Lower and Sage.

Qik N EZ

1609 N Main St
Normal, IL
(309) 862-0200


601 S Main St
Normal, IL
(309) 454-1417

Qik N EZ

1510 E Vernon Ave
Normal, IL
(309) 452-8515


1900 E College Ave
Normal, IL 61761

Circle K

  • 1
    300 N MAIN
  • 2
    1606 N MAIN
  • 3
  • 4

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