Bloomington: You’ve been hijacked (Part 2)

by:  Diane Benjamin

The CONTROL agenda was further displayed at last night’s City Council meeting with a presentation by the Ecology Action Center.  I have no problem with recycling and solid waste management.  Throwing usable items in a landfill is ridiculous, but the EAC went far beyond that.  Part of their funding comes from Bloomington taxpayers, so you are paying them to produce nonsense.

The presentation can be seen here – starting on page 611:

The EAC did a greenhouse gas emissions survey.  First, you would have to believe it is possible to do an inventory of greenhouse gases.  Next you would have to believe that CO2 is bad, but somehow humans are exempt from exhaling.  Next, you would have to believe CO2 is bad when all plants need CO2 to grow.

The EAC found the worst emissions offender is electricity.  What plan do the environmentalists have for that?  Check that smart meter on your house.  Check the rising prices of electricity.  Check all the small suppliers put out of business because you voted to give Ameren a monopoly through aggregation.  Do you really think government created aggregation to save you money?

Right after electricity is vehicles.  Think the gas tax was only meant to raise money for roads?  Anything they can do to make driving more difficult under the “Save the Planet” banner, they will do.  The radicals are now feasting on your tax dollars and plotting to get more.

Global temperatures haven’t warmed in at least a decade.  The world has had periods of even warmer temperatures and periods of colder weather.  Alderman Scott Black is a product of the current educational system.  He believes everything he was told and never does any independent thinking or research.  It’s about control and redistributing wealth Scott.  Watch Scott’s comment from last night:

Scott messed up the new moniker.  It’s Climate Change now Scott.  In the 70’s it was Global Cooling and we were all going to freeze to death.  Then it was Global Warming and all the ice would melt and drown us.  When warming stopped it changed again to Climate Change.  Some other aldermen weighed in too. Mwilambwe chuckled about non-believers, of course he works at green central – ISU.

Again, why was this presentation made at a Council meeting? The presentation and discussion took almost 1/2 hour.  If the City wasn’t planning on exerting control over you, why declare doom and gloom requiring City action?  A better question is:  If vehicles are part of the problem, why did the Council vote to buy a building so they can have more parking?

More people disbelieve climate change than believe it now.  It’s always way down the list of priorities as ranked by citizens.  If you plan on keeping your liberty, now is the time to voice your opinion.  Green is the new red people!

Here’s some research for you Scott:

Here is a list of prominent scientists skeptical of climate change:

More on the fraud:





5 thoughts on “Bloomington: You’ve been hijacked (Part 2)

  1. If one goes to the city website and reads the entire presentation about Greenhouse Gases which was not given in its entirety last night by the Ecology Action center’s Michael Brown you will notice something odd if you than watch Brown at the actual council meeting.
    The Packet repeatedly mentions the group ICLEI numerous times. In fact it appears ICLEI may have provided the software to come up with the presentation and one entire page highlights ICLEI protocols. At the very end of the packet it lists next steps and two of the groups listed are partially controlled by ICLEI.
    And yet when the Ecology Action Center was asked by an Alderman if the city had any involvement with ICLEI. They and City Manager Hales claimed they never heard of them and had no idea. Do you believe them?


  2. No ICLEI involvement, pa-lease!!! Never heard of them,,,bull crap! It’s no wonder that when Hale’s speaks his voice pattern is not confident but weak possibly indicating an inner struggle with knowing the truth yet espousing the (easy to see through and he know’s it) spin. Never heard of ICLEI yet Mayor Koos is listed on the ICLEI website as a Cool Mayor! (An uninterested fruit fly on the wall at an uppity town watering hole surely heard the conversation; Hey Tari, guess what, I’m a cool mayor. You sure are Chris, the koolest kool aid person I know. No, haha, seriously ICLEI has named me as a cool mayor and we are not even “official” members. Wow, kool Chris how did you do that? I want to be kool too! How comes you are a Cool Mayor without being a member? Haha, we’re members Tari, we just don’t advertise it as that would raise too much stink. They’s ways around everything. No worries, stick with me kid and we’ll own this town! Haha, now you funny, we already do.)


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