Why voting Libertarian will destroy Illinois UPDATE

Libertarians:  Please read and think:  http://dailysignal.com/2014/09/30/political-strategists-plot-libertarians-conservatives-can-unite-take-back-white-house/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social

by:  Diane Benjamin

Yes, I’ve heard all the arguments.  You don’t want to hold your nose and vote again for somebody you don’t 100% like.

Get a clue:  There are no perfect candidates!  No even those calling themselves libertarians.

Think about this:

  • Democrats control Illinois
  • Democrat Gov Quinn controls all these State agencies:  http://www2.illinois.gov/Pages/Agencies.aspx
  • The Illinois Attorney General is the daughter of the guy blamed most for destroying Illinois, corruption won’t be prosecuted by her
  • Illinois is at or near the bottom of EVERY performance comparison of the States
  • Voting for any libertarian candidate WILL NOT change any of the above

If you are leaving Illinois and don’t care about its people anymore, vote libertarian.

If you want to feel “special” about your purist voting, vote libertarian.

If you want to make sure Illinois is destroyed, vote libertarian.

If you are just now starting to pay attention to the November election, you are too late.  The only propaganda spewing now are lies and distortions of the truth.

November is easy.  Here are your options:

  1. If you love Illinois government – vote Democratic.
  2. If you hate Illinois government but don’t want it changed – vote Libertarian.
  3. If you want some glimmer of hope that Illinois can be reformed and prosperous, vote Republican.

Not voting gets you the first one.  Yes, most of the choices smell.

There is one Republican worth the trip to the polls:  Paul Schimpf.  Daddy Madigan is protected in his bought and paid for district.  His daughter isn’t.  Paul is not only a great candidate for Attorney General, he can take out a Madigan.

If common sense doesn’t prevail in November, our destruction will continue.  Your choice.

(Paul will be at the McLean County TEA Party meeting on October 7th, 6:30 at the Launch Pad.)

Need more, read this:  http://spectator.org/articles/60512/difference-between-winners-and-whiners


43 thoughts on “Why voting Libertarian will destroy Illinois UPDATE

  1. Illinois is already destroyed. Banksters rules like a feudal system. The voting machines are controlled. The people are unable to move past their psychological haze of brainwashing. Vote any way you want to, but the chosen candidates will win anyway:



  2. “If you want some false glimmer of hope that Illinois would be reformed and made prosperous by Republicans, vote Republican. And then check out the ceiling — someone wrote the word ‘gullible’ up there!”

    There, fixed that for ya.


      1. It’s not a matter of “better” or “worse.”

        The Democrats are as bad as the Republicans.

        The Republicans are as bad as the Democrats.

        Voting for either of them isn’t going to be “better” under any circumstances. So there’s no reason not to vote Libertarian (unless you happen to not be a libertarian).


      2. What makes you think that they care what you think just because you voted for them? Has it happened before?

        Republicans campaign like Libertarians then govern like Democrats.

        Every time.

        They do that regardless of what you think.

        It’s what they are. They always have a bunch of excuses come the next election. You know what excuses are like, don’t you? Hint: Everybody’s got one and they all stink.

        I’m trying to remember what it is that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results each time is the definition of … hmm, right on the tip of my tongue.


      3. Fine. If you really, really, really, really believe that having Republicans keep doing the same things that the Democrats have been doing constitutes “reform” or “change,” don’t let me stop you from voting Republican.

        But it would be nice if Republicans would stop begging Libertarians to play the “pretend we’re better than Democrats game” WITH them.


      4. You do realize there are libertarians are reforming the GOP from the inside? Wouldn’t that be easier than existing on less than 6% of the vote? Do you appreciate being immaterial?


      5. Yes, I know that there are a few misguided libertarians trying unsuccessfully trying to turn the original party of big government, the GOP, into a libertarian party. If they want to waste their time on such an unlikely project, well, it’s their time to waste.


  3. Diane, you are not doing your homework. Polls show that the Libertarians are pulling 4.2% from the Republicans, and 4.0% from the Democrats in the Governor’s race. This is always the case! So everyone, vote your conscience.

    For those of you that think Rauner is better than Quinn…think again. He is a dirty as the rest of them…and has donated lots of money to people like Daley, Emanuel…etc. He’s no Republican.

    Protest voting is dangerous…and has help us get to where we are today. Stop gobbling up the GOP propaganda and think for yourself. A wasted vote is voting for someone you don’t believe in!


      1. Go to Google NGrams and punch “Gandhi” in. He was “immaterial” for many years. And then one day he wasn’t.

        Hint: He didn’t go from “immaterial” to “material” by giving up his own agenda. He went from “immaterial” to “material” by sticking to that agenda.

        Republicans have nothing to offer libertarians. You’re not trying to go where we are trying to go. We’re better off taking longer to get where we want to go than letting you talk us into going in the opposite direction.


      2. If your fraudulent challenges to Libertarian petition signatures didn’t work, and if your goons coming around with guns to intimidate Libertarian petition signers didn’t work, what makes you think that whining is going to work?


  4. Quinn and Rauner work for the globalists, it will simply be status quo when one or the other get in. I am not sure building the Libertarian party can work but it seems worth a shot. However without a viable currency, things will get worse, a 21st century college and career ready worker is a slave.


  5. Dianne,

    You should be ashamed of yourself. YOU are the reason the general public took so long to start looking at third parties. People like you in the media suppressing the Libertarian Party and making false claims that they “steal votes” from the Republicans. The media manipulates people’s thoughts into voting for the 2 parties that got us here. That is theft.

    There have been claims from people for 25 years that they are trying to reform the GOP. How’s that going? The people chose McCain as their candidate? Looks like the progress there.

    The country is sick and tired of the Monopoly the 2 parties have on our system. They are sick that the Democrats and Republicans alike have pillaged the coffers. People are waking up to this and looking outside the box. Open your eyes because the liberty that is coming is beautiful.

    One more correction, get your facts strait. The lowest Poll Shows Chad Grimm at 8% and Julie Fox between 8-12%. Not the 4% you stated in this article.


    1. Think Ross Perot. Because of him (and I voted for him) we got 8 years of Bill Clinton. Even 12% makes libertarians immaterial except to throw an election. 25 years? You mean since Reagan don’t you? I hope there will be a 3rd party that destroys the GOP elites. Right now we need a seat at the table and a business guy in charge of all the State agencies.


      1. Actually, exit polling said that of those who voted for Perot, more would have voted for Clinton than for Bush 41 had Perot not been on the ballot. Bush lost the election all on his own.

        Republicans always whine and look for others to blame when they lose elections, but the simple fact of the matter is, nobody owes you their vote. If you want the vote, you have to earn it.


  6. I see the Republican Party of Illinois hasn’t reformed anything and is just as bitter and childish as ever. Facts don’t go as far as petty insults and personal attacks in the GOP.

    As the Chair of the DuPage Libertarians, I collected the most volunteer signatures for our candidates in the state. I also fought to protect them in Springfield at the State Board of Elections, and then testified against the GOP lawyer who wanted to throw us off the ballot – they went so far as to send armed private investigators to people’s homes to intimidate them. If YOU support that as a Republican, then you are no different then the Democrats in Illinois.

    Quite frankly, we aren’t the third party on the ballot, we’re the second.


      1. If the effort is futile without running, why are the Republicans running Jim Oberweis against Dick Durbin? You know he’s not going to win. You knew he wasn’t going to win before you nominated a candidate. And yet there he is, double digits down in the polls, soldiering on.

        Libertarians do not have an obligation to give up our fight so that one party we DO NOT AGREE WITH can beat another party we DO NOT AGREE WITH.

        Winning elections for your party is your party’s job. Lying down to improve your chances is not our party’s job. Get over it.


      2. That is the most defeated attitude I ever heard. So all long shots should just give up? Should our founding father’s quit before they started? Only 10% of the country wanted to break away from England before the Colonists revolted and declared their independence. But hey, the GOP is changing. I just wouldn’t recommend holding your breath while waiting.


  7. Over the years several times I have heard this same old mantra from my friends, “it’s a wasted vote, he can’t win.” Yeah it’s the same old defeatist mentality that I’ve heard before and am really saddened by the fact that those who repeat it have been successfully brainwashed by those that it serves. I do believe that if the doubters would unite, a third party would absolutely smoke the status quo. Amen!


  8. Libertarians don’t win big offices because they don’t have special interests donating to their campaigns. If Libertarians had the money that Democrats and Republicans have, they could and would win. It’s all about money Diane. Durbin has already spent $3 million+. Everyone knows who he is. He doesn’t need to spend a dime but because so many want favors from him, they donate a LOT of money to him. And since he has it, he spends it. We never know when a Libertarian might win. If we never try, we’ll never get anyone with a shred of decency elected. If Libertarians quit trying, they will never have a chance to save our country. It will take Libertarians to save America, not Republicans or Democrats. Running as a Republican when you are a Libertarian is dishonest. You would rather someone start their campaign with a lie just so they can get elected? The Libertarian Party is called the Party of Principle. There is a reason for that. If you were an American Patriot, you would be campaigning for Libertarians because they are our only hope. It’s not easy for Libertarians to get on the ballot in Illinois. We worked very hard to get on the ballot. Democrats and Republicans don’t have to work at all. They have enough money to pay people to get their signatures for them. Our candidates get out there and collect signatures along side our volunteers. You are very good at criticizing others, yet when you have an opportunity to really make a difference. you shun the one group that could save our country and instead expect people to vote for who you think they should vote for. Libertarians take from both parties and it’s pretty much the same. Libertarians bring out new voters who otherwise wouldn’t vote. If I had to choose only between Quinn and Rauner, I wouldn’t bother voting. Since becoming a Libertarian, I finally feel good about voting for someone who could really help our country instead of voting for someone who will continue down the same path. They may not win, but they for sure won’t win if we all keep voting for Republicans who shun even members of their own party.


      1. “Fight where change is possible.”


        Glad to see you changed your mind (since, as a “realist,” you must obviously know that Republicans aren’t “change” and are never going to be; they’re just the Democrats’ JV team).


      2. Oh, I didn’t realize the TEA Party (that gets blamed for gridlock) and guys like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee weren’t making a difference. Meanwhile, what libertarians are making a difference? Maybe Justin Amash, but he ran as a Republican.


      3. If you don’t realize that none of those guys aren’t making a difference, you probably need to get out more. I’m pretty sure Ted Cruz is secretly actually Jerry Brown. Think about it — have you ever seen them together?


    1. “Libertarians don’t win big offices because they don’t have special interests donating to their campaigns.”

      This is either uninformed or completely delusional. Libertarianist dogma has the weapon of choice for U.S. oligarchs in their war to strangle every last dime from the working American citizen. The Koch Brothers are notorious contributors to politicians who crawl on their bellies before their anti-American plots and try to sell Libertarianist snake oil to the public.


  9. If Rauner (or other GOP candidates) are strong candidates, why should the Libertarian Party be a concern? If they were the best candidates, wouldn’t we see that people would flock to vote for them regardless to whomever else was on the ballot.

    Looking back to 2010,, we saw that there a variable number of GOP votes received, as noted by only Judy Baar-Topinka being the lone winner. The individual candidate matters. If the GOP wants to win elections, they need to field candidates that can attract voters.

    The GOP would be better off in seeing why people are considering the LP candidates rather than just complaining about their presence. Otherwise, not only will the LP be the Party of Principle, but as time progresses, they will be the Party of Relevance in relation to the GOP.

    It is clear that the LP is not going away, so time to adapt or perish for the GOP. Taking into account the attitude of many lately, the funeral is on the horizon.


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