YES you are smart enough

by:  Diane Benjamin

I’ve talked to many people recently who think they aren’t smart enough to run for City Council.  Have you watched a Council meeting?  Seriously, most of the current elected do as they are told.  If you are capable of any amount of independent thought, you would be among the best and brightest aldermen.

Here is all you need to know:

  • Government does NOT produce economic activity.  They pick winner and losers, mostly losers, and use your tax money to do it.
  • Government has a few mandatory jobs:   Police, Fire, Sewer, Water, Roads
  • It is NOT the job of government to entertain people
  • Ban all travel to conferences and meetings where the organizers don’t believe the above (that’s probably all of them)

The bottom line is this:  If government only did the things we can not do for ourselves, the citizens would have more money to spend.  Economic activity develops naturally where money is available to be made.  WE THE PEOPLE pick the winners and losers by where our money is spent.  Tax dollars won’t be wasted paying off long-term debt created because some politician wanted a legacy.

It’s not that tough.  Just vote NO when government tries to sneak out of their cage.  Pledge to represent your Ward instead of the Mayor or City Manager.

YES you are smart enough.






4 thoughts on “YES you are smart enough

  1. What is needed is somebody who recognizes and appreciates ‘Triple Tax’ Teri’s transparency…that is somebody who can see right through his bullsh*t!


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