My election picks

by:  Diane Benjamin

Some I’m leaving up to you, some I plan to leave blank.  If you aren’t planning to vote, think about this:  There are numerous reports of ILLEGAL ALIENS voting.  Want them to decide your future?  Do you want voter fraud deciding your future?  The only way to defeat them is for everybody to show up.  It’s up to you to make sure your friends, family, and neighbors VOTE.

If you vote for anybody but Rauner, I can only think you enjoy seeing a sitting governor hauled off to jail.  How about we mix it up and send an ex-governor to jail this time.  You must like seeing Illinois at the bottom for creating jobs, fiscal responsibility, and low taxes.  Or maybe you are in the moving van business.  The rest of us badly need a change.

If you believe in term limits, you can not vote for Dick Durbin.  There are tons of other reasons, like calling our troops terrorists and using the IRS to target opposition –  just to name a few.  If you believe the country is on the wrong track, Durbin is directing traffic.

I wrote about the County Auditor here:

In County Board District 1, there is a write-in candidate – Gerald Thompson.  Evidently Don Cavallini doesn’t attend a lot of meetings.

You have the opportunity to DUMP a MADIGAN, besides Paul Schimpf is phenomenal!

I wrote about the Voting Rights Amendment here:

The advisory questions are scams too,  Just something to get Democrats to the polls.

The only Judge NOT recommended for retention is Charles G. Reynard

If you live in Bloomington, there are a few more County Board races:

District 8 – Vote for Bennett Morris – way past time to replace LONG timer Paul Segobiano

District 3 – Vote for Randall Martin to replace Julie Brandt

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3 thoughts on “My election picks

  1. The problem is Rauner, or insert name here, will be no different than any of the previous ass clowns. We are beyond apathy, it’s not worth our time and energy to back anybody. I know more and more people who have completely checked out of the political landscape, they have been through it all and lied to so many times, it just does not resonate anymore, from anybody.

  2. How can you not give an opinion on Comptroller? We get to choose from two career politicians who aren’t qualified to be dog catcher and a real life CPA with 18 years experience in the private and public sector. She is the only candidate who is qualified for the job. The only problem for you is that she’s a Libertarian which you seem to think is a crime. When the people have an opportunity to elect a citizen for one of the most important jobs in the state who also happens not to be a criminal and you leave it blank? Then you are still rooting for Rauner when he is one of the most self serving persons I’ve run across in my life, you must not do very much investigating before you make your choices. I agree that Quinn has to go, but to replace him with Rauner, you may as well keep Quinn. At least we would have one retirement to pay. Check out this article. If it doesn’t take you to a specific article, click on the photo of the baby. Then come back and still tell me it’s better to vote for Rauner than Chad Grimm. Chad Grimm wouldn’t hurt a fly. Chad Grimm is Pro-life, Pro ending the war on drugs, and more that is good for the state. He has NO personal agenda other than making Illinois a better state to live in. Rauner only cares about destroying others so he can benefit himself.

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