McLean County Board-VOTE!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Does anybody remember when McLean County was the conservative bastion of Illinois?

Those days are long gone, but you can help repair the damage done by people who think government solves problems.  They don’t, they just throw YOUR money at it.

The County strongly believes in looking for money from the Feds and the State of Illinois.  It’s free money after all.  How about electing board members who know where the money comes from:  YOU.

The majority of the Board are still Republicans, but many are not members of the wing that believe in small limited government.  There is very little difference between them and the Democrats on the Board.

That was obvious when the Board voted to take money for ObamaCare in August 2013.  They probably believed they were creating jobs, temporary government jobs are their version of economic development!  They sold the taxpayers out.  On one hand the GOP rails against the law, but then vote for money to increase its reach.  Signing people up for Medicaid is already bankrupting Illinois.  We are ruled by individuals with no rock solid values based in the Constitution.  If the Constitution is immaterial, how about just voting it out of existence instead of making it immaterial?

Citizens deserve a real choice when they vote.  Instead we get Republicans who act like Democrats.  One Republican even campaigned for a Democrat 2 years ago:  Since she also voted for the ObamaCare money, I hope if she runs again she will switch parties because she is obviously more closely aligned with Democrats.

The local Republican Party needs to clean up their act and actually stand for something!

The good news is YOU can make a difference on the County Board this year.

In Board District 1

Write-In  Gerald Thompson

In Board District 3

Vote for Randall Martin

In Board District 4

Vote for Mark Johnson

In Board District 8

Vote for Bennett Morris

3 more votes for fiscal responsibility will begin to put McLean County on the path.   

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