Jeers to the Pantagraph

By:  Diane Benjamin

Comments to Pantagraph stories concerning Gabriella Calhoun, Sgt Shumaker, and Tari Renner’s remarks have been disabled.

Jeers Pantagraph – Did Renner demand you suspend comments?  I saw some yesterday obviously made by “people in the know”.  I guess only “approved” talking points are allowed.

Jeers Pantagraph – For Jeering the Chateau and the City of Bloomington for NOT collecting the past due taxes.  Did you forget Jumers had financial trouble too?  How about Jeering Chris Koos for putting a private company up against a government sponsored hotel – soon to be TWO!  How about Jeering Tari Renner for wanting another hotel in Downtown Bloomington when the ones we already have don’t get enough guests?

Businesses don’t pocket tax receipts if they plan to stay in business and stay out of jail.  The Chateau has a payment plan, it’s pretty obvious they are suffering from a lack of people staying there.  Cash flow isn’t good – something the Pantagraph should be familiar with!  Should Bloomington go ahead and foreclose on them Mr. Pickering?

Make sure Steve Vogel’s editorial tomorrow has the disclaimer about his daughter being Renner’s campaign manager twice.  He seems to have forgotten to add it lately.  I feel a defense of Renner and Hales coming.

Maybe I will be surprised, but then maybe not.




2 thoughts on “Jeers to the Pantagraph

  1. The Pantagraph is sad, sad excuse for a news outlet/organization, has been for many years. I quit reading it when they started the comment section – that’s just absurd. Those things don’t belong on news sites, that’s what blogs are for 🙂


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