Replacing Schock (not Lahood!)

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April 7th, 2015

Dear Fellow Republican,

I am a candidate for Congress in the Special Election to represent the 18th District. A sixth-generation native of Central Illinois, I want you to know more about me and what I stand for. I am not a career politician, but a committed conservative who has been at the forefront of policy debates for more than 20 years.

I was born and raised in Quincy. My family founded a bottling company there in 1874. Through high school and before and after college, I worked at every level of the family business. After college I managed one of its distribution plants, covering the northwestern part of the 18th District.

This early experience in business showed me the destructive impact government policy has on small businessmen and entrepreneurs. My mother’s family were farmers in Morgan County and I remember the crazy times government paid people not to farm.

As a result, I became more involved in the Republican Party. I worked for the Illinois House Republicans in Springfield, including the only time in the last three decades where Republicans controlled the House of Representatives. During that time, I was a policy analyst and helped move our agenda of welfare and school reform through the General Assembly.

The state legislature sent me to Washington, to act as a liaison with Illinois’ Congressional delegation. I realized more fully how out of control our federal government was becoming.

For seven years I was policy director for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the nation’s largest membership association of state legislators. My mission was to push conservative policy solutions at the state and federal level. We were able to secure meaningful tort reform, health care and education reform and tax and spending limitations in numerous states.

It isn’t enough to identify and support important reforms. One must know how to lead to achieve success. Conservative policies work, but we must advance them and, quite often, fight for them.

The challenges our nation faces are daunting. We have over $18 trillion in debt, with hundreds of billions more added every year. Our economy is struggling beneath an overly complicated tax code and a tidal wave of regulations. Every day, our government gets deeper into our health care decisions, jeopardizing our medical care. Every day, also, thousands of foreign nationals stream into the country without the most basic background check.

America can meet these challenges. It cannot meet these challenges with the same politics as usual, though. Six years ago, Andrew Breitbart and I launched, exposing the corruption of the left-wing ACORN. This work evolved into Breitbart News, one of the largest conservative news organizations.

William F. Buckley once said that the role of conservatives is to often stand “athwart history and yell stop.” We must stop runaway spending and tax hikes. We must stop the wave of foreign nationals streaming unaccounted for into the country. We must stop ObamaCare’s rot of our health care system.

We must also stop the institutional left’s attack on our country’s founding principles.

Only then can we win the reforms our nation needs and ensure that our children and grandchildren have the same opportunities we and our predecessors enjoyed.

This is our chance to stand up.

I ask for your help. First, please go to our website and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about this important election.

Second, I ask you to circulate the attached petition and return it to us by Sunday, April 19th. You can email or call us and we’ll arrange to pick it up.

Finally, please sign up to be a volunteer on our website.

Our chance to change Washington is now. I know that I can do it with your help.

Thank you for being a part of our efforts.


Mike Flynn

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12 thoughts on “Replacing Schock (not Lahood!)

    1. So, you would rather send a guy who will support John Boehner? How is the status quo working? The debt ceiling will be raised again, I hope you don’t have kids that will be forced to pay off the expect $20 TRILLION debt.

      1. Actually, I’d rather all 535 of them be put in a wood chipper and start over with rational people who have common sense.

        1. Limited government, fiscal responsible and free markets. That’s what TEA party supports believe – you know, how the country was founded! What’s the problem?

    2. i just read the above letter twice and nowhere in the letter did I see any reference to the Tea Party. The left has done a fine job of demonizing people who support smaller government and fiscal responsibility as Tea Partiers. BNIndy is drinking their Koolaid. This the same crowd of people who label those of us who dare to stand up to Tari Renner as negative. People who fall for this type of political rhetoric are simply nonthinking individuals who want to frame their arguments around stereotypes instead of facts. The facts are Aaron Schock will hopefully end up in prison and Darin LaHood is the son of an Obama cabinet member who will make a career of congress by going along to get along.

      1. “BNIndy is drinking their Koolaid. This the same crowd of people who label those of us who dare to stand up to Tari Renner as negative.” Ha – that’s funny! If you only knew me.
        And just because I won’t vote for this guy, I’m now a Darin LaHood supporter? Ok.

    1. It has! $18 TRILLION dollars in debt, politicians lie at will, government spies on citizens, IRS targets opponents of the party in power, EPA shuts down business, government forces electric rates higher because they want to – should I continue?

      You would rather send a guy to DC that has no problem with this?

    1. I used Bloomington as an example of how staying home on election day will affect them. If you are Schock’s district and don’t like Flynn or LaHood – you can be in the same boat of Bloomington citizens.

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