How many properties does Bloomington Own? Update

Pin Number 08-07-300-015 is a house on Lake Bloomington.  A picture is on the County website.

I may have to FOIA the information, but I hear the City owns houses and then does long term leases on them.

By:  Diane Benjamin

According to the McLean County Assessor:   350

That is how many properties appear if you search under Business for City of Bloomington.

That doesn’t tell much because some of them are parks and some appear to be roads.  Others could be some kind of easements.

Several Aldermen have asked the City for a list of properties, so far they have received zip.

Below is the list of the 350 properties.  I don’t have time to research them all.  If anybody feels like looking some of them up, it would be nice to know how many of them have buildings and what they are used for.


If the address is 109 E Olive, that is merely the City Hall address.

If a different address appears, type it into Google and it will show a picture.

Otherwise, enter the Property Pin here: You might be able to get the address there.

2 thoughts on “How many properties does Bloomington Own? Update

  1. Here are some results:
    2604 E. College appears to be North Pointe School/Park
    1704 S. Morris is Skate n Place
    2203 Tyler Trail appears to be a residence on the north east side of town
    107 E. Chestnut is a parking lot near BCPA
    200 E Oakland is a grassy area near the YMCA at the corner of East and Oakland
    720 W. Washington is a property next to Jesus House
    408 E Washington is the vacant lot across from Chase Bank (the condemned motel?)

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