Did you pay an ObamaCare fine?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The media has done a great job telling people if you don’t have health insurance under ObamaCare, then you have to pay a fine.

They are also wrong!

The IRS isn’t going to bill you.  It isn’t authorized in the law.  All the IRS can do is steal your refund.

Don’t want to pay a fine next year?

Don’t get a refund!

Change your withholding so you aren’t over-paying the government.  Why are you letting the government use your money all year anyway?

Do you realize now what side the media is really on?  It isn’t yours.

You have to read a LONG way down this site to see the same information.  


What Happens If I Don’t Pay the Individual Mandate Fee?

The only way for the IRS to collect the fee for not having health insurance, if you choose not to pay it, is for them to withhold the money from the Federal Income Tax Refund you would get back from the IRS after filing your income tax return. The IRS cannot enforce the Individual Shared Responsibility provision with jail time, liens, or any other typical methods of collection.

8 thoughts on “Did you pay an ObamaCare fine?

  1. You also have to be careful on how much you owe too because both the federal and the state of IL will fine you for owing too much which I don’t think they should be allowed to fine you. Too bad we don’t have the right to take money from them for the use of our money in the cases of a refund. In any event I think the IRS and the state revenue service should be significantly downsized and or even abolished.

    1. The rule is 100% of what you paid the prior year. Adjust accordingly. It will still be less than the ObamaCare fine which goes up every year, unless you get crazy.

  2. Why don’t you actually get health insurance? I guess that would be too easy for you to go on the government web site and purchase something you need for your health.

    1. 1. It is still way too expensive – even with subsidies which is nothing more than somebody else forced to pay for you
      2. No guarantee you can keep your doctor
      3. Young people don’t have money to pay for something they will probably never use
      4. The website isn’t secure
      5. The government overpaid 95% of the subsidies and now wants their money back

      (The short list)

      You are back to making comments too stupid to post. If you like socialism so much, move to a country that already has it.

  3. Do you suggest we refuse treatment to the ill and injured who do not have insurance? If not, the majority of their care is paid for by the rest of us, driving up costs for those who are responsible. Unless you say here you want to let the uninsured die without care if they can’t pay up front then you’re asking the rest of us to pay for those you’re advising to not be responsible. So what do you say?

    1. There is NO competition in health care. You can’t call a doctor or hospital and get the cost of a test. If health care was free market, cost would drop a lot. Insurance can’t be purchased like car insurance. Consumer can’t pick the coverage they want – now pregnancy coverage is required by single guys and 60 year old women. We are currently just redistributing wealth and everybody is worse for it. Medicaid coverage is only slightly better than having no coverage because doctors can’t afford to take the patients. Yes, we do need fundamental transformation – just NOT what we have now.

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