Golf and Coliseum sucking your money!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Did you ever read a report on the Committee of the Whole meeting held last Monday with area legislators?  Evidently the bird-cage liner didn’t want to report the tears from the mayor and council.  Begging for funds to not be cut from the bankrupt State wasn’t colorful enough for them.  Maybe if a little more fluff had occurred, the agenda would have met their requirements for reporting news.

Monday night is going to be exciting!  Remember how Renner goes all over media saying golf pays for its self?  Evidently is doesn’t!  Neither does the Coliseum.  We knew the Solid waste fund wouldn’t break even, since the entire cost used to be covered by taxes you already pay, it was silly of Renner and Hales to think you need to pay more.

On the agenda is transferring more money from the General Fund to other Enterprise funds that are also supposed to break even.  Funny how Golf and the Coliseum aren’t ever brought for a vote to MAKE them break even, like was tried with Solid Waste.  It must be okay with Renner and Hales for taxpayers to subsidize them.  Then there is a sneak transfer to cover the Sick Days payouts that spikes pensions, but that’s only another $775,982.

Quality if Life Tari?  Will this make millennials stay?  Subsidizing entertainment is the key to keeping kids here?  Merry Christmas kids – please stay!

Source:  Page 381


15 thoughts on “Golf and Coliseum sucking your money!

  1. Build it and they will come so they thought. Need I say more about how this idiotic city government has been allowed to run.

    The other day I was reading USA Today that had an article on the Koch brothers. Talk about some vile Facebook member comments. I happen to agree with the Koch brothers, less government and government should not be in the business of golf courses and white elephant coliseums as well. Anyone know any local city government in the entertainment business? I wanted to ask the Koch haters when was the last time they looked at what they just handed over to the government from their pay. Then again maybe the haters are taxpayer free loaders also government subsidized aka too lazy to work a job. I’d like to have just half back what I gave to the government and I’d be elated. Theft out of my pocket sure does no good to help the economy and especially with what the government does with your and my money.


    1. You might what to re-think your support of the Koch brothers, bro. Game plan from these types is participation in planned government failure so that a perceived justification of government failure entitles rich jerks like them to take over and fleece the little people like you and me.


      1. I always like it how people accuse the Koch brothers of owning the Republican party yet gloss over George Soros and Tom Steyer doing the same thing with the Democrats as if their billionaires are somehow better than the republican billionaires.


      2. The Koch’s haven’t done a bad job running their private company from what I see. Far better managed than any government entity that I can tell too.

        I was at first a bit skeptical about them seeing them as some wealthy guys wanting power. Not in their lifetime that’s for sure. The more I read about them I changed my view. Every time I see what I pay the government it makes me even more mad. Sure I know we have roads and self defense and all but hey the government can’t even do that like they are supposed too by wasting money on other things. I might as well flush my money down the toilet. I would get just about as much return on it.

        It’s not only payroll/earnings you get taxed on. Pick up a land line or even cell phone bill and look at the taxes. Then there are the hidden taxes that you really aren’t even aware of such as fuel tax. I bet a lot a people would be complaining too if when you flip that lever at the gas station and it showed just what you paid in taxes.

        Everyday these wheeler and dealers in government are dreaming up ways to get your money. Somehow and someway they will. Now I know why people had these bank accounts in Europe or where ever to hide it. I can’t blame them at all.

        Yip I sure do agree with the Koch’s. There are only certain things that the government should be doing and that is it.


    2. The Koch brothers are prepared to spend $889 million (which is about 13.3 million times the average net worth of millenials lol) on Scott Walker to help get him elected. We can only wait and see if Walker will do for the whole country what he did for Wisconsin.


      1. Scott Walker had some tremendous grass roots support that’s for sure. One small town I drove through just north of Brookfield, WI I saw this huge billboard sign thanking him. Now if he’s presidential worthy that remains to be seen. He’s got some baggage too as I recall on the Milwaukee County investigation. I haven’t been in contact with anyone up there to know what happened on that. He also has some $$$ backing from numerous Indian tribes that run the casino’s. He was getting all kinds of support from out of state also. Some wealthy guy from Missouri I think it was donated to him. Yeah you ask yourself why and the guy doesn’t even live in WI or do business there. The woman from Beloit, Diane something I believe who owns a roofing supply company, a huge $$$ donor.


    3. I don’t understand why liberals get upset about the Koch brothers. The success of the Koch brothers doesn’t impede on my ability to be successful. Their success seems to bother others, and I can’t understand that.


  2. So how many rounds of golf does the lower income population play in Bloomington? Of course a good democrat would never provide subsidized entertainment for the well off by taking from the lower income via their taxes.

    Oh, and millenials do not play much golf. Definitely will not attract very many.


  3. So, Mr. Hales is recommending himself for a raise after recommending the passage of a budget with a $14 million deficit two weeks ago. And now he’s recommending the passage of a budget amendment to transfer more money out of the city’s Reserve Fund (the one used to determine bond ratings). All of this is after the 3rd quarter financial report showing flat growth, decreased revenues, a known budget gap and his recommendation to purchase the Sugar Creek Packaging Plant. Great management?!? Deserving of a raise?!?


      1. I can’t believe this is an agenda item considering the budget gaps, budget amendment and salary increase. It’s not a purchase of land by the city but a proposed waiver of up to 75% of $175,461.89 owed for tap-on fees to assist the Knights of Columbus sell land purchased 20 years ago to a developer for CHA subdivision of 100+ assisted living units for seniors. The developer won’t buy unless the fees are paid by the K of C, which they claim they can’t afford. There are already several developers who owe tap-on fees of up to half a million dollars each. Considering the location of the property, an assisted living development would not be successful. It is still a loss of revenue and, in my opinion, continued subsidy of developers.


  4. To add insult to injury–“COMMUNITY GROUPS/INTERESTED PERSONS CONTACTED: Not applicable.” This is applicable to the entire population of Bloomington, the taxpayers.


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