Judy Stearns deserves a ruling

By:  Diane Benjamin

At the end of April Alderwoman Stearns is leaving the Bloomington City Council.  She chose not to run for re-election.

Back in November of 2013 – way over 1 year ago – Stearns walked out of an Executive Session (Council’s Secret meeting) because she felt Mayor Renner was violating the Open Meetings Act.

If you remember, the Pantagraph even printed a story when she filed a Request For Review concerning the violation with the Attorney General’s office.

See these two stories:



This story from September 2014 details what Stearns took issue with:


The minutes of the illegal meeting have been released.  The only thing left is a ruling by the Attorney General and an order to release the tape of the meeting.  If the AG rules the Mayor broke the law, the citizens have a right to hear it for themselves.

I asked the AG’s office again today for a ruling, and got the same response I’ve received since last summer:


5 thoughts on “Judy Stearns deserves a ruling

  1. I hate this frigging state with a passion. I have lived her my whole life and cant wait for the opportunity to leave


  2. Alderman Stearns is one of the few on the Council with backbone and common sense. You should read the Chapter 2 ordinance amendments that were voted on since that questionable Executive Session. Mr. Hales has been given significantly increased authority under the new law. The council is relinquishing its authority to an unelected individual. The amendments will affect the city for years to come.


  3. The same worthless AG that refuses to investigate the Central IL Oil Cartel for price manipulation? Don’t tell me that there isn’t some collusion going on here.

    I’m sure if some Republican mayor had pulled this stunt Lisa would have been all over them like a bear on honey. There is probably some required length of time that the city has to retain the meeting records and she is holding out past that date. Ooops no more available records. The way the response reads they haven’t even done anything with this.

    Her office had no problem jumping on Rauner and his position on union dues now did they. Dang evil Republican governor wanting that.


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