What proof? See this!

See this post from earlier today:  https://blnnews.com/2015/05/01/renners-email-campaign/

First email

——– Original message ——–
From: Tari Renner <rennerformayor@gmail.com>
Date: 05/01/2015 4:03 AM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: Election Day TODAY!

Good morning all-
You may have heard the exciting news about a developer who is interested in making a major investment into Downtown Bloomington! In fact, the City Council is meeting Monday May 4th at 5:30PM to discuss using City Staff to review details about this investment.
As you know, Downtown has been a major focus of mine since I was first sworn in 2 years ago. As Liquor Commissioner, we’ve handed out record fines to bars that are not following our ordinances. I’ve worked with many groups including the McLean County History Museum to secure a grant to fund our Route 66 Visitors’ Center.
Now, we have the opportunity to take a huge step forward for our core and all of Bloomington.
However, the first step to this process is to have the Council instruct our City Staff to review this proposal and bring it back for Council review later in May. Without this critical first step, we run the risk of no action being taken in Downtown and investment being made elsewhere.
So, I need your help. Would you take a few minutes and email the City Council at CityCouncil@cityblm.org and ask them to support using our wonderful City Staff to review this proposal and leverage their expert experience for Council and City? It’s critical that we don’t let important opportunities pass our community by and go somewhere else.
Thank you very much!
Tari Renner

 Second email:
——– Original message ——–
From: Tari Renner <rennerformayor@gmail.com>
Date: 05/01/2015
Subject: Correction: Take Action for Downtown Bloomington!

While my previous email may have led you to believe that today is Election Day (please excuse that error!), many of you still opened the email, read it and took action! Thank you for all of the letters, emails and calls of support thus far. If you haven’t taken action, there’s still plenty of time! And please, forward this message on to a friend by clicking the “forward email” link at the bottom of this email. Thank you for your support!

The first message was then repeated.

2 thoughts on “What proof? See this!

  1. It seems that most politicians are hell bent on bankrupting the citizens. The only logical explanations that I can think of is immense stupidity or financial gain for crooked politicians. I’m not fond of either.


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