Renner’s email campaign

By:  Diane Benjamin

Democracy in action!  Renner wants a hotel downtown and he wants it now!  The future of Bloomington is downtown – how many times does he have to say it before taxpayers understand he will bury you in debt to get it.  A hotel is his agenda and he has a stacked council salivating at his and their legacy.

The Judy Markowitz legacy isn’t looking too good, maybe Renner is trying to out do her.

Anyway, public opinion matters to a couple of aldermen.  Most don’t care what you think and their minds won’t be changed unless tar and feathers are involved.  Fruin will see how everybody else votes and then join the majority.

For the couple of other slightly rational aldermen, Renner has to work harder.  The City just took money out of savings because tax increases didn’t pass.  $8.5 Million is already planned on downtown lighting, another $17 Million for the zoo, and virtually nothing is being spent on roads.  The bond rating agencies are not going to be happy the City raided reserves.  Renner doesn’t understand that Normal was in no debt before Koos buried it, Bloomington isn’t playing on the same field.

Enter emails from people who have never emailed the Council or attended a meeting before.  Excitement is everywhere!  The people are speaking:  Spend  downtown, we NEED a hotel!  Maybe Renner held an IWU email party and handed out talking points.  I hear the Council is being inundated with emails of support.  I’m sure Renner had absolutely nothing to do with sudden rush of support!

Will any of the pots (Kevin Lower not included!) care about your voice?  Not if they only hear from the Renner groupies!





8 thoughts on “Renner’s email campaign

  1. After giving a brief overview, I asked my neighborhood to send their opinions to the council at the general email address.


    1. For what its worth, I sent an e-mail to all of the Aldermen requesting a vote be delayed. Not that will matter to them, I have been vocal at the meetings.


  2. A downtown hotel is not going to do a THING but sit mostly empty the majority of the time – but then, they are so blind and giddy with their own delusions they won’t even notice and will just glibly continue to sing their little songs of praise to each other. (which they are VERY good at)


  3. I must admit that I am completely out of the loop here. What exactly is going on? Can someone please fill me in or give me some pointers to more information? Is there a vote Monday on the hotel or is it just for another study? What is their rationale this time? Still thinking a ridiculously high number of people at the route 66 visitor center? I want to email the council voicing my support of keeping my money not that it will do much good.


    1. A developer wants to buy and level several properties. He wants an agreement for city to Buy everything when he is done. Price revealed Monday night. Don’t know if a vote will take place or not.


      1. So why doesn’t the city just buy the properties and demo the buildings instead of running through a private developer?


  4. This evening on my way home I got onto Verteran’s Parkway via Mercer Ave. I swear there were two holes in the street deep enough you could put a bowling ball into.

    Seriously what someone or a group should do is take photos and put them up on a website and on the website put Renner and Hale’s names as well as the potted plants to give them credit for the job they are doing. Hopefully 2 more miserable years of Renner and by then maybe the voters will have woken up and opened their eyes to see the circus act they are all engaged in. Everyone of them are clowns!


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