Hales: If his lips move . . .UPDATE

Evidently Hales hired a Water Director who wasn’t qualified! Imagine that.

By:  Diane Benjamin

I know it’s a lot to ask, but maybe the local government-run press (bird-cager liner and 90 yrs on air) could every once a while realize they are being lied to.

The latest incident occurred this week when Bloomington City Manger David Hales claimed it’s against the law to tell why an employee left.

This must be the week for stifling free speech!  Does the press now consider the 1st Amendment void?  When a reporter, who makes his living off Freedom of Speech, doesn’t know what the law is – think it’s time for a new information source?

Think, think, think.  Does it really make any sense that a law exists saying “You aren’t allowed to tell the truth?”  Do reporters use any brain cells during an interview?  Hey Adam – how does it feel to be a government stooge?

See his article here:  http://www.wjbc.com/2015/05/08/bloomington-water-director-resigns-after-one-week/

I have a policy – I get lied to ONE time.  There is no redemption without an over-the-top apology.  Liars will lie again and again, trust should never be given again.

Evidently the press has no ethics or are too scared to hold government accountable.  The reporter never questioned Hales.  He will probably go right on believing everything utter by Hales.

Many employers have a policy against releasing information about ex-employees over fear of a law suit.  That’s totally different from what Hales said.  Obviously he has something to hide.  Don’t count on the press to find out what it is.

The below was sent to me by an HR professional.


Citizens deserve better than what they get from the local press!  In just one week:

  • WJBC doesn’t know what free speech is
  • A local guy get attacked for political speech on his property
  • A lady in Texas gets blamed for provoking jihadist trying to murder as many people as possible

Maybe Freedom of Speech is under attack because the press has no idea what it means.

9 thoughts on “Hales: If his lips move . . .UPDATE

  1. This the “law” Mr. Hales is citing:

    Chapter 2 : Section 16.1 : Executive Session.
    Executive sessions are meetings that are closed to the public, that are part of a regular or special meeting, which allow the City Council to discuss certain matters of a sensitive nature which affect the City of Bloomington. Areas which may be discussed in executive session are specified in Section 2 of the Illinois Open Meetings Act (5 ILCS 120/1). Examples include, but are not limited to, collective bargaining matters, land acquisition, pending litigation, and appointment, employment or dismissal of an employee.

    When a motion is made to recess to an executive session and approved by a majority vote of the quorum present, only that specific topic can be discussed and no final action may be taken on it during the closed executive session in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. Once the purpose of the closed executive session has concluded, the City Council may move to adjourn the executive session and reconvene the regular or special meeting. (Ordinance No. 2012-7)

      1. Understood. Someone asked a question about the resignation at the Mayor’s “Open” House. Both Renner and Hales said they wouldn’t comment. From my experience with them, truth is a matter of opinion.

  2. I think David was referring to talking to the press and the public at-large. Not sure your reference from the HR professional applies because it refers to sharing information with a prospective employer, not just anyone.

    There are some laws saying what you can and can’t share:

    It’s a privacy issue and unless the employee in question broke the law we may not find out why he left. If the reason is private in nature then David Hales is making sure the city is not walking into a legal mine field. If David said anything that was not truthful, then he could be sued. He probably should have said that he cannot share the reason for the employee leaving at that time.

    1. Agree with both Mike and Donna.

      His resignation could stem from a legal or law enforcement-related reason and/or a non-disclosure agreement was signed.

      What does it matter? Why do you care?

      Watch out…anyone who disagrees with this woman or doesn’t share her beliefs will be scrutinized and thrown to the wolves.

      Practice what you preach about the First Amendment. You delete an entire comment thread because you can’t find evidence to go against valid points of commenters.

      Diane Benjamin…pot meets kettle!!

      1. And you can’t prove anything you said. If you want your own site to say anything you want start one. I can ban any comments I want since I own this site.

        Live your life anyway you want. Your beliefs cross the line when you think you have the right to make everybody else believe exactly as you do. No-your comments aren’t getting posted.

  3. And WJBC has been a pillar in this community for 90 years. It’s not an extreme, possibly far right-wing, bashing station looking to belittle people. That’s what your blog is for.

    1. ‘WJBC is a controlled environment that reeks of political correctness rather than real truth for the citizen information.

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