Nothing will stop Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin

Most council meetings are scripted.  The Mayor and City Manager take their favorite aldermen to lunch at your expense and brief them on how to vote.  If the ONLY conservative on the council, Kevin Lower, says anything – nobody but citizens care.  Expect the next 2 years to be filled with 8-1 votes.

Besides Public Comment being part of a Must See for citizens, the comments at the end of the meeting can be revealing too.

Fast forward to 1:10:35



Tari held up a book prepared by Giebelhausen – the developer wanting a guarantee from the City to buy the downtown property after he demolishes the buildings.  Tari thinks the numbers makes sense.  (keep in mind:  prepared by the guy wanting the money)

Hey Tari:

Where are the appraisals?  The properties in question aren’t appraised for tax purposes anywhere near what Giebelhausen says he is paying.  The price does match what the present owner owes though.  Just because Giebelhausen over-pays for the properties, the citizens have to?  You want a hotel bad enough to soak taxpayers?  Seriously?

Tari’s plan is like paying $50,000 for a $20,000 car just because you can afford the payments.

The vote will be 8-1 because the Council doesn’t represent you.

Coliseum Part 2 is almost ready to launch.  Congrats Bloomington.

Hasn’t Tari talked frequently about all the bad contracts done under former City Manager Tom Hamilton?  Hasn’t he promised he would do better?

Are you lying just because you want a hotel Tari?  Promise again that it won’t cost taxpayers a cent, just like former Mayor Markowitz and Tom Hamilton did concerning the Coliseum.  Repeat it often enough and a couple of people might believe it.




9 thoughts on “Nothing will stop Tari

  1. delusional – noun
    an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder: the delusion of being watched.


  2. we can’t afford the $20,000 car, and yes, I feel Giebelhausen is desperately trying to unload this on us plus inflate the cost Is there a coalition we can form against Renner’s plan and speak out about it?


    1. There are some people interested in pursuing a referendum. The former mayor and city council ignored the 4,000 people that were against the coliseum. It may be too late. Demolition will probably begin the morning following the vote. Mayor Renner laughs and says, “we can do whatever we want” referring to him and the council.


      1. It never hurts to pursue a referendum. If nothing else, the council is put on notice and websites like BLN and others will report the results. This will end up on the net somewhere as others who think about moving here may change their minds seeing that local government does not support We The People. Remember that with the coliseum vote, all council members that voted for it were voted out the next time they ran. What a marvelous thing that would be with the 8 potted plants. So although the council may ignore a referendum, it may be their last term. In that case I think their were probably many folks who kind of slide under the radar that got out to vote for a change to send the appropriate message.


  3. The referendum would be nice but not effective because it would take too long. The idea of a lawsuit and emergency injunction is the best and most effective idea as it will stop them in their tracks if we can get it.


  4. Yeah well web staff they’ve got the vote to do whatever they want. The people be damned with these folks. They are agenda driven. The tenants of life, liberty, and happiness, do not apply with the potted plants. We know this. Many opportunities to file lawsuits for injunctions and the reality of it is, who’s gonna do it? Someone will have to fight the city hall with their own money for the benefit of all. Those folks are few and far between. City hall knows this and uses it to their advantage. A petition for the referendum can’t hurt and at least serves to educate more people about what’s going on. If someone puts together a referendum, even the potted plants will squirm some. Whether they want to admit it or not are still mortals and deal with the same emotions as the rest of us. They will be challenged and they will question themselves. Keep their feet to the fire.


  5. Putting together a referendum will cost time and money, too. Those serious about stopping this could pool what ever money they can because future taxes will cost us forever.


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