Taxed to death? Update!

Contrary to claims made by Tari, Bloomington population is decreasing.  So is Normal’s.  Raise taxes and watch the people flee!


By:  Diane Benjamin

Both Bloomington and Normal are bleeding taxpayers to death with new taxes and fees or raising old ones.  Both have a 2% Food and Beverage Tax, but it’s really sad when a Chicago suburb is cheaper!  See this:


According to this site, only 10 of Illinois’ 102 counties have property taxes higher than McLean County!  That won’t stop Bloomington from raising them anyway.  Economics is beyond most of the Council’s pay grade.  (including the mayor and City Manager).  Evidently they like seeing people leave!

One comment from David Hales proves why the City mission statement has to be changed.  Hales, Renner, et al think their job is to run your life, not provide essential services.  Start watching at 15:00.  Hales believes the City HAS to provide leisure activities for aging residents.  Evidently seniors will be told what to participate in.  Older people can’t be trusted with the freedom to make their own decisions, big brother will provide all.  (at your expense)

4 thoughts on “Taxed to death? Update!

  1. The liberals will argue back, forget the percentage of taxes! Look at the value of what you got back in Bloomington as opposed to Northbrook. In Northbrook you only received some pancakes and a cup of coffee. But in Bloomington, we gave you a Qtr. Cheese Meal, a Qtr. Pounder with Cheese ( well done), a hamburger, and a medium coffee. Then you might JUST say, All I needed was a damn stack of pancakes and a cup of joe.


  2. I buy off of the internet when I can and drive someplace else to buy other than buying local.

    The last washer and dryer I bought from a place at Pontiac. I paid less taxes than what I would have in B/N. I shop at the western store at Wapella. Red Wing shoes I buy from Moser’s over at Peoria and get a discount. Locally the place here charges the full msrp then add the Bloomington sales tax on top of that, they can just forget it. When I am out of town I shop and buy dry goods from a grocery store. In reality the local taxes are hurting local businesses. I’d much rather shop at Farm and Fleet at Morton. A huge new store and again I believe less sales tax.

    We’ll see what happens when the new CEO takes over at State Farm. I bet more jobs leave the area.

    I’d like to see some of the local small towns pick up some more business from B/N. You can bet you would probably pay less taxes and drive on streets that are better than what there is in B/N.


  3. Are gas prices and taxes equal when you travel out of town to avoid taxes? Just remember seniors in their own homes pay taxes and some of us at a very high rate for our fixed incomes. Yes sometimes people look at the taxes especially on homes and decide not to move here. Taxes on food is very bad especially for the poor (talking of groceries). This could mean some cannot afford groceries for their families. and some child or children go hungry. That may apply to some seniors as well. It does cost to live in B/N and it appears it is not going to get better at least not soon.


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