Meeting today-Planning Commission

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington Planning Commission is holding a meeting at 4:00 today in the Council Chambers.  There will be a Public Hearing on the Comprehensive Bloomington Plan put together by the Regional Planning Commission.

Nice of them to hold a meeting when most people are still at work!

Claims will be made that Bloomington is growing and will continue to grow.  The need for more affordable housing will be revealed.  Included, but not mentioned out loud, is an assault by government on personal property rights.  Government knows better than you how land should be used, knowing before you read it makes understanding it easier.

The Regional Planning Commission won’t admit that their direction comes from Washington DC – if you want a grant . . . .

Ever seen your local government turn down a grant?  It doesn’t matter if property rights are usurped (think East-Side bypass).

Below is a report from the Head of the Main Street Association, a group that fought Form Based Code because it destroyed property rights.

Main Street Assoc report

The purpose of the meeting is to build consensus so nobody is left to object when the final plan is given to the City Council.  The Council will dutifully accept the plan, then implementation and paying for it is next.

What you think doesn’t matter.  They have a plan.

The link to the plan is:

If you can attend, throw a wrench in their plans.


2 thoughts on “Meeting today-Planning Commission

  1. If a concern of a committee contributor such as Phil Boulds is dismissed, what would the Planning Commission care what an ordinary citizen has to say? The Bloomington Planning Commission (as an entity) is responsible for the city’s boundary looking like an amoeba. They are responsible for the high density development on the East Side without consideration of its affect on the sewer system which now results in flooding. The City Manager doesn’t enforce ordinances for developers and waives development fees all for the sake of sustainability and quality of life. Public Comment and Public Hearings are a joke. “Bring It On Bloomington!?!” This plan will not attract people or businesses as hoped.


    1. This town will only attract those who live on the public dole. Thinking people with any cash left are moving from this town and from the state.


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