The FIX is in

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Comprehensive Plan for Bloomington enjoyed overwhelming success in the Planning Commission meeting yesterday.  Of course it did, the end result was fixed from the beginning.

One of the big supporters is Greg Koos – McLean County History Museum.  Others are Bike BloNo’s Michael Gorman and Downtown Bloomington Association Executive Director Tricia Stiller.  All believe government (you) should pay for what they want.  The vote to approve the plan by the Council will show similar over-whelming support.  The voice of citizens has been completely ignored on purpose.  Government plans lead to investments with YOUR money where private capital would NEVER be spent.  Playing with other people’s money is easy, besides they can always retire on a fat pension or leave office.

I drove by the History Museum a few days ago.  On the east side, 3 of the 4 panels installed would make Abraham Lincoln cringe.  He practiced law in the building, what Koos has done outside re-writes the Constitution.  I don’t know when they were installed, but they are obviously not old.

The first panel says Freedom of Speech.  Here are the other 3:

IMG_0428 IMG_0427 IMG_0426

Freedom From Fear

Freedom From Want

Freedom of Worship

You can be totally secure.  Government already has the perfect place.  It’s called prison.

3 meals a day (Freedom From Want) and stay in your cell 24 hours a day (Freedom From Fear).  Worship all you want, just don’t take it outside your cell.

The Bloomington Compressive Plan puts government in charge of your future.  Your money is essential to the ‘common good’.  District 87 needs tax dollars so they want west-side properties redeveloped.  If the City creates more TIF districts to lure developers, District 87 will be cut out of any increases in property values.

The downward spiral of Bloomington will intensify because of government interference.  Greg Koos, Michael Gorman, and Tricia Stiller are leading the way.

I wonder what the visitors from all over the world think about Koos’s signs outside the Route 66 Visitors Bureau?

Here’s what I think:

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

Abraham Lincoln


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  1. The Four Freedoms WW2 monument was put into the Mclean County Museum of History in 1997 dedicated to those in McLean County who lost their lives in WW2. It also includes names of these soldiers.

    It was restored by a volunteer last year so that’s why it looks new.
    Four Freedoms:
    “The Four Freedoms were goals articulated by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt on January 6, 1941. In an address known as the Four Freedoms speech (technically the 1941 State of the Union address), he proposed four fundamental freedoms that people “everywhere in the world” ought to enjoy:
    Freedom of speech
    Freedom of worship
    Freedom from want
    Freedom from fear

    1. Progressives have been trying to re-write the Constitution for at least 100 years. FDR led the biggest takeover of the private sector in history – it led to the Great Depression. The rest of the world recovered quickly, we had to enter a war.

      1. Wow! You have never met a problem that was not caused by a progressive(s). It is too simplistic to state that FDRs policies led to the Great Depression. You forgot Hoover. Protectionism was implemented under Hoover which led to restricted trade with Europe. It was a combination of factors: lack of oversight by the government, tariffs, govermment policies, banking practices, investor behavior, agricultural overproduction. FDR didn’t ride to the rescue and his policies were not great because it led to collusion, but there was enough blame to go around. The issue was really party agnostic. Hoover ignored the signs too.

      2. What?!? Which people???
        The American public who voted him in for 4 terms or the elected officials??? His approval rating was 72%! Even at its lowest point, it was still higher than GW Bush’s when he left office. What are you basing your assertion on?

      3. It certainly wasn’t the people that wanted him out. Or else he would not have been voted in 4 times. Republicans and some Democrats wanted term limits. And they put it a provision which allowed presidents to finish out their term when it passed. Truman could have ran a third time but he elected not to. So again, are you referring to the People or people as in elected officials?

      4. Yep FDR was a big time progressive, Hoover’s administration may have presided over the beginning of the depression but FDR’s terms solidified it and in ways prolonged it – do some research, some real research. FDR was not all bad, but he was not a saint by any means either – perhaps, he was just misguided, or…who knows… but it was WW II that pulled The USA out of the depression, not a bunch of social programs – I’m totally serious read about the WHOLE of FDR not just the glorified myths that elevate him to Herculean heights – and let’s not forget the gold confiscation FDR presided over where erstwhile and trusting citizens turned in their gold and gold pieces many of which had been passed down like family heirlooms. I’ll leave it now to anyone who would like to further explore some of the glorious atrocities many of which have hurt us to this day, policies that allowed the state to drain the private sector and ushered in the era of big government.

    2. I am not claiming anything. I am asking you what you meant by the “people were sick of him and his policies”. However, you either are ignoring my question or were in fact alleging the American populace wanted him out? If I was an attorney I would be instructing the judge to compel you to answer the question. Besides why would you care how the amendment was presented? If it got a Democrat out of office, it must be OK, right?

      1. Does the Obamacare challenge count as a progressive in origin too? How about the Scopes Monkey Trial? Look up Lockner vs New York.

        1. The Supreme Court rewrote the law to keep it. Sometimes they violate their oath just like the other DC clowns. Why are you dredging up really old cases?

      2. Ronin, thank you for the suggestion. But my contention is with the statement that his policies caused the Depression. And I said that his policies led to collusion. He could have murdered someone but it wouldn’t have changed the fact that the Depression was largely the result of a variety of factors. No president is a saint, but I am going to condemn someone strictly because they are conservative or progressive.

      3. Why are YOU dredging up old cases? Roe vs Wade was in 1973. The first school prayer case was decided in 1963. Still think only the Progressives use the courts or are you going to repeat the same screed that Conservative radio pundits pushed once the gay marriage ruling came down? I know you won’t it admit it, so I will say it: You are wrong.

      4. Robin, I made a typo. Here is the corrected text. My old English teacher would be assigning dictionary words for that error:
        No president is a saint, but I am not going to condemn someone strictly because they are conservative or progressive.

  2. FREEDOM from fear and OF worship-I’m SURE that ole Abe was TOTALLY in favor of BOTH at Gettysburg, hoping to god he got the hell out ALIVE! Always wondered WHO approved that wall. The bench I can see, but the wall is over the top.

  3. I only took history in high school, but I was sure Lincoln didn’t have any involvement in WW2

      1. All I’m saying is that the monument has nothing to do with Lincoln nor the constitution. I can’t see why it bothers people or why one would want to not have those freedoms.

        1. Those aren’t the jobs of our government. Russia maybe, but not in capitalist society where people are expected to take care of themselves.

  4. This comprehensive plan fits right in and is directed by the UN Agenda 21. Local officials have no clue in their roles of being useful idiots contributing to their own demise and completely destroying the sovereignty of this once great nation.

    1. Some of the “recommendations” in the Comprehensive Plan have already be approved by the City Council. Sort of like how the ordinances and resolutions are pre-dated as being passed before the Council meeting.

  5. Communist Russia didn’t have these freedoms nor strive for them in 1941 which is when this was created. I doubt they do now. I’m sure you agree with freedom of worship and speech.
    when it comes to freedom of fear this was at a time when the biggest war in modern history was occurring and it directly correlates with that fear.
    Freedom of want doesn’t refer to government giving those who want skateboards a skateboard. It refers to food, shelter, and clothing.
    additionally this speech was about ideals to strive for as a nation.It doesn’t mean government has to be the ones to do it.
    You don’t have to like FDR to like these goals for our nation. I’m sure these ideals were exactly what those who lost their lives in WW2 were fighting for even if they disagreed with how to achieve it.

    1. There is no Freedom of Worship. It’s Religion. Worship implies it only belongs in a place a worship, religion is a way of life. It’s not government’s job to provide food, shelter, and clothing because they have to take it from someone to provide it to others. Fear is a mental state, also something government can’t give or take away.

      1. They may try to sell it but to who is the big question. I wouldn’t be surprised it goes bye bye and closes. This plant is bound to be driving up their expenses. In the long term if they keep it they’ll have a bigger pension expense if they offer retirement. It sort of makes sense to just cut the rope and let it go. It looks like there goes the money trough for the Normal mayor. That would be a blow.

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