This one isn’t good

Update here:

By:  Diane Benjamin

More on Mitsubishi:

(Reuters) – Mitsubishi Motors Corp , faced with declining U.S. demand and an expiring union contract at its only plant in North America, declined to comment Thursday on a report that it planned to end auto production in this country.

Japan’s Nikkei news service said the plan to cease production at Mitsubishi’s plant in Normal, Illinois, is part of a strategic shift to the growing Asian market.

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9 thoughts on “This one isn’t good

  1. Koos – “I have heard nothing, and am trying to get information”
    Are you seeing a possible cash flow problem there Mayor Koos?


    1. Koos is clueless about the world around him unless it has to do with selling more bicycles.
      Less cars = more bicycles. It’s a good day in the bike world for feeble minds.


      1. Mudd is correct. Mayor Koos would view the closing of a evil capitalistic greedy corporation as a good thing especially if they made evil fossil fuel polluting cars. Koos and other sustainabilty wackos are probably getting ready to break open the wine bottles to celebrate.


      2. I’ve made similar comments myself. Less cars on the road mean less hazards for bikers, less CO2, and less jobs means more opportunities for government to show how it truly cares for you by making you a permanent dependent of welfare. It’s win-win except for the little people that is.

        My heart goes out to all the people at the plant. I hope this is just a false rumor.


  2. GOD BLESS AMERICA! My father is a WWII Vet and these SOB’S built the zeros that brought ON Pearl Harbor, and they enslaved OUR veterans as POW’s. We should have NEVER let them take GOOD farmland and pave it for ALL the tax breaks they received. GOOD RIDDANCE!


  3. Like many liberals, Koos is a fake. He’s in to the bike thing for the money as he in fact drives a diesel belching BMW.


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