From INSIDE Mitsubishi UPDATE

By:  Diane Benjamin

The plant held a meeting for employees at 9:00am this morning.

From an employee AT the meeting:

Am executive from Mitsubishi spoke – he was from Japan and hard to understand, but it looks like production will shut down by November.

More info:  Production ends in November, the plant will shut down by May.

Employees were sent home for the day, next week they will work 10 hour days.

18 thoughts on “From INSIDE Mitsubishi UPDATE

  1. Glad to hear it. NOW ole Tari has his HOTEL pre built, he just has to move the downtown to the WEST side! HOPEFULLY, though maybe a GOOD car company like FORD will give it a good look and make the U.S. market look good again. Shame to let ALL that empty parking lot sit there soaking up solar energy and NO ONE using it!


      1. Outdoor basketball courts too. Lots of exterior asphalt for those. Maybe a few tennis courts too. One mighty fine rec complex if you ask me. Yes yes yes Mayor Professor and Mayor Biker modify it and they will come. It’s your dream come true!


    1. Rumor has it that Renner owns not one but two “mid-life-crisis” cars. Those usually are gas guzzling sports cars. He drove one of his cars at the recent antique car parade downtown. Of course, his car was brand new.


  2. Koos should be very happy he now has a place to put his soccer complex! the bad news is 120 million in revenue is down the toilet so the city of Normal wont be able to afford a complex unless of course Mayor Koos decrees a raise in tax rate for it. By the way the 120 million number came out of the bird cage liner so guess I cant take that at face value


  3. State Farm moving, Mitsu done, Country reshuffle, kids going to college can’t find jobs and are strapped with massive debt. The writing is on the wall, it is screaming at tax and spend liberals to put on the brakes but no worries a new hotel will save the coliseum and kids can bike to the soccer complex. The Koos/Renner regime is insane!


  4. The flypaper website has the news conference video with Koos stealing the show and side step Renner antsy to open his mouth. OMG it speaks! With that bow tie what’s he trying to be a ditto Paul Simon?


  5. WHY NOT make it an INDOOR GROW ROOM for medical marijuana? They already have ALL the plug-ins and lights, parking and use the paint shop for a “drying room” course, this is WAY too logical, maybe get a committee to look at a study to hire a consultant to come up with a “master plan” and a board to keep it in budget! GAWD! I sound like a politician. HELP!


    1. That’s not a bad idea. Big money in the wacky weed. Could pay off EVERYTHING! However Townie you will get no credit for the idea and BLNnews will get no credit for publishing it. Oh,,,and use the golf courses to grow it on very good ground. Then hell let’s build multiple hotels for all the stoners that would be coming in.


  6. C’mon MUDD! Yer NOT thinking! Just grow the weed at the Mitsubishi plant and use the golf courses for OUTDOOR concerts, just like a Grateful Dead show-twirler girls and all (they could use the creeks and ponds) and stoners could “zone out” on the greens (no pun intended) and THEN they could park their vans in the Mitsubishi parking lot and sleep, charge em $5 or mebbee $10 IF they wanna shower. WHY can’t KOOS think of this kinda stuff, geez!


    1. Cause he’s too busy flipping off bicyclists as he cruises the streets of B-N,,,no time to think just drive that diesel belching BMW machine.


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