One more Hales story

By:  Diane Benjamin

Just to make this perfectly clear:  David Hales could have avoided spending $1.2 Million + JUST by changing when employees got their accumulated sick days pay.  If they had been paid the day they left City employment, their pensions would not have been spiked and therefore IMRF would NOT have sent them bills for accelerated payments!  If the payments had been properly reflected on Bills and Payroll, maybe somebody would have questioned why IMRF was getting large payments and stopped the practice more than a year ago.

The Bloomington City Council is going to raise your taxes while David Hales is throwing your money away! 

How many sick days has Hales accumulated?  Did he fail stop the payouts because he wants his piece of your money and a bigger pension too?  Again, Freedom of Information Request filed.

One more thing.  Click here to see the bill sent to the City from IMRF on Emily Bell’s spike:  Emily Bell Invoice

See pages 3-4.  Hales could have filed a Request for Review/Delay of Accelerated Payment.  He did not file it, see this email from IMRF.  The email also confirms my statement in the first post today that Hales never filed a Pension Impact Statement for any of the employees who spiked their pensions and triggered IMRF bills.

IMRFzzIf the Council hasn’t had enough of David Hales, how about the taxpayers?

How much abuse are you going to tolerate?  Emily Bell was the head of HR-what on obvious inside scam to grab your money!

The Council is going to vote to STEAL more money from you.  You would be wrong to assume this massive waste of your money is the only one.

I know at least 3 lawyers read BlnNews.  Maybe one of them can suggest a lawsuit by citizens against their corrupt government.

Or maybe outraged citizens should show up at City Hall!



4 thoughts on “One more Hales story

  1. I suspect the city could get a lawsuit filed against them based on how the attorney answered Kevin Lower’s question at the city council meeting. The attorney didn’t want to get into that discussion and cut it off.

    In your previous blog it is apparent someone was trying to hide the payments.

    Why no telling how long this would have went on without the Chicago Tribune article. Oh I am sure Hales too was looking out for himself to collect big like the others. I suspect in his employment contract the number of sick days were negotiated.


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