Legal Expense – Why have staff?

By:  Diane Benjamin

On Friday the City of Bloomington dumped a lot of documents on their.  On was a vendor list and payments for the last fiscal year.  You can see it here:

This morning I’ve got the first hearing on my court case against the City of Bloomington concerning the Coliseum.  That means I can’t spend a lot of time on this today, but I did pick out a few things of interest.  Legal expenses have exploded since Todd Greenberg left.  Legal isn’t  handled by employees, instead lots of money is being sent to Springfield.  So much for that “Buy Local” ordinance passed by the Council last week.

pay1xI have a long list of company names I don’t recognize, so there could be more legal firms.  I know many of them are consultants.

Thanks to the reader who turned the City’s unusable PDF into a spreadsheet!  I really appreciate it.

I will be printing more info, just not today.


6 thoughts on “Legal Expense – Why have staff?

  1. $850 K a YEAR? For legal! What are we supporting? I bet N.A.S.A. could study how much green cheese a moon bound rat could devour in a year, and STILL have money left for fuel for Wonder Woman’s invisible jet! So much for saving, OR TRANSPARENCY!

  2. $858,035.27 at $150.00 per hour is 5,520.24 billable hours. Or, 2.65 full time equivalents. It seems that one full time attorney should be able to handle the work load and save the tax payer a half a million dollars.

    1. This firewood starting paper website states they are paid $175 per hour and $200 if any other associates are used. Still way too much in my opinion when locally it could be done likely cheaper. Some more of the city managers doings. All the more reason to get rid of him by termination. Too bad his contract couldn’t be ended without cause too.

  3. The Hales & Renner Show are ripping off the taxpayers big time. The potted plants are encouraging them to do so by allowing it over and over again. Such a waste!

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