Scott Black: Remember this?

By:  Diane Benjamin

May 2014.

Aldermen Lower and Stearns had a list of proposed cuts.

Renner would not let them speak!

Instead, Renner read a prepared statement.  Watch the video:

Little Scotty did an interview this week on WJBC:

Scotty happily bashed Alderman Lower, the WJBC host was happy to join in.  I’ve never heard anything more despicable from supposed media.

Scotty here’s some news for you:  A lot of the cuts the Budget task Force came up with were on the Lower/Stearns list.

Renner didn’t want to hear the cuts then and nobody on the Council wants to hear what Lower has to say now.  He can’t submit an amendment when there is nothing to amend!  Got it yet?

EIGHT Council members are more than happy to raise taxes.  They have done it over and over and over.

Your attacks on Lower (twice now on WJBC) are petty Saul Alinsky tactics meant to marginalize him.

Do I need to post the standing ovation Judy Stearns received when she left the Council?  If Kevin Lower left the Council Monday, he would get the same.

Citizens know who took their election to represent the people seriously and who lied to them.  EIGHT of you have no respect for the people paying the bills.

Keep raising taxes.  Build downtown.  Watching the slate of clowns up for reelection get defeated will be glorious.




6 thoughts on “Scott Black: Remember this?

  1. Unless it is on the IWU/Renner agenda Scott Black is ill informed. This young man does as he’s told. Thinks he’s cool. The joke is on him.

  2. I am assuming this City Code may be what Mr. Black is referring to. However, his statements do not accurately reflect that. As Mr. Black said, “clearly communicated information should be presented in order to have meaningful conversation.” Five Aldermen would have to form a coalition prior to the formulation of the agenda to even get an item on the agenda. The only thing that can be modified is the proposed motion for the agenda item.

    Chapter 2 : Section 18.2 : Agenda Items and Voting.
    (a) Agenda Items. Items can be placed on a meeting agenda by: (i) the Mayor; (ii) the intended Chairperson of the meeting, in the absence of the Mayor; (iii) the City Manager or designee thereof; or (iv) by a majority of the City Council before the formulation of the agenda.
    (b) Voting.
    (1) No vote may be taken on a matter that has not been included on the agenda that was provided prior to the meeting in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. However, the proposed motion, for a matter that has been properly included on the agenda, may be modified and voted upon to the extent that it only extends into subject matter that would be reasonably related to the announced agenda item.

    1. Little Scotty needs to have his rubbed in this, oh yes he does because he never stops running his yap.

  3. Tari wants Lower out of the Council because he’s not a potted plant. Tari getting his ideas from Obama. Look how Obama bashed the GOP and praised ISIS for Paris attacks last week.

  4. Kevin Lower is the only person on the council that really cares about his people in his ward. The other council members just vote “yes” on anything Hales or Renner wants. We don’t need a hotel in downtown Bloomington. The council needs to learn the difference between wants and needs. Scott Black needs to stop bashing Kevin. It makes him look like a whining kid.

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