Ever see a bad accident and NOTHING makes the news?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last Thursday about 4:45 pm I was headed into Bloomington via East Oakland.  The road was closed in both directions by A LOT of emergency vehicles, at least two big fire trucks and MANY police.

There was so many emergency vehicles I thought for sure somebody had been seriously injured or maybe shot by the police.  It was getting dark, the sea of red and blue lights was blinding.

All vehicles approaching from the east were forced to turn into Waterford Estates – a subdivision with No Other Exit.  The main road meandered west and east only to end in cul-de-sacs.  The north side borders the airport.  I long string of vehicles tried to find an escape – to no avail.  I hope the subdivision never has to be quickly evacuated, quick won’t happen.

On Friday there was nothing on the news or in the paper, that I saw.  Since I don’t subscribe I may have missed a small blurb.  I resorted to the next best thing.  I did a FOIA request to both the Bloomington Police and Fire Departments.  I only received one response:  FOIA 16-01-0024 Crash Report B16-56957 Benjamin_REDACTED-1

In case you were on East Oakland last Thursday and wondering what happened, a vehicle turned left from Waterford in front of a car heading west.  At least one person was taken to the hospital, condition unknown.

All I could see in the haze of red and blue was one vehicle resting near the sidewalk and over the curb.  From the time listed on the report, I got to the scene shortly after it happened.  The road must have been closed in both directions to accommodate all the emergency vehicles.

If you were there, now you know what happened.  The rest of you can be assured your police and fire will show up in force when necessary.

I hope everybody is recovering.  Since it won’t make the news, we can’t know for sure.




3 thoughts on “Ever see a bad accident and NOTHING makes the news?

  1. That ALWAYS seems to be the case anymore-you have SOME kind of activity and 10 cop cars show, and NONE of them get OUT of their cars to direct traffic, or other such DUTIES-to “serve and protect” citizens! And WE pay them $60K a year PLUS and then they want MORE for “managing” college kids DOWNTOWN!
    TWO years ago I-55 was CLOSED in April @ I-80 exit due to flooding. The STATE cops were everywhere and sent everyone up some GOD forsaken 2 lane road into the So suburbs, and people were stopping @ gas stations asking directions, and GUESS what, the cops were ALL sitting in their cars with lights on and eating-DONUTS! And we wonder WHY IL. is going broke and the police have a “bad” image? Mr Heffner-HOW about TELLING the boys to get OUT of their cars and direct traffic in such situations? That would be a BETTER quality of life and make EVERYONE happier & safer!
    Since Nora reads this MAYBE she could COMMUNICATE this to Mr Heffner.


  2. You should worry and write about issues that matter, Diane. Just because you saw a car crash, doesn’t make it news. In fact, I don’t think car crashes merit any coverage, unless someone dies and the circumstances merited felony charges. The only car crash I care about is the one I’m in or friends and family experience and I’ll hear plenty if or when that happens. I am concerned about road and neighborhood design that creates unsafe conditions. as you’ve described. That’s newsworthy. But car crashes. Not so much. I think the media has moved away from the old “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality.


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