Hales’ November report is here

By:  Diane Benjamin

David Hales’ NOVEMBER City Manager’s report is finally on-line:  http://www.cityblm.org/index.aspx?page=21&parent=8106

Zoo attendance is down again, but Revenue is up.  Before the report gets to why, readers have to endure glowing reviews.  When prices are raised and a tax is added, it’s not surprising Revenues are higher.  I wonder how many people came and will never go back because of the cost.

Page 29


BCPA – Page 28

Less than 5000 people for a whole month?


Library – Page 48

Circulation down, but the number of people visiting is finally up:


Taxes are still stable, but this chart mostly reflects receipts through October – see the far left column.  The small number represents how many months are included since the start of the fiscal year – May 1, 2015:


7 thoughts on “Hales’ November report is here

  1. Just curious, WHAT does it cost to enter the zoo these days? FREE is still too much for mistreated and cooped up large animals. WHERE are the P.E.T.A. people on this one?

  2. Apparently, only 25,000 households attended performances since the renovation in 2006. That means 2,500 households per year. What is there to show for the $19M bond issued in 2000 for the Cultural District? The BCPA budget includes payment for that bond and the $14M bond for renovation from 2006, which won’t be retired until 2025. Add to that the routine maintenance and capital improvements–the BCPA will never even break even.


    1. Jesse Smart said it was never meant to. Just brilliant! Government creates entertainment that citizens have to pay for, whether they ever go or not.

    2. I know what he says now about not intended to MAKE money but that is not what was said to the public at the time. The projects were to pay for themselves–the same claims regarding future projects. I hear a sucking noise from this “black hole.” Let’s throw more money into potential tourism and downtown redevelopment and see if it goes into an alternate universe.

  3. How much money did the zoo make or lose? What is your best guess on why the 3 golf courses have been singled out to make money? When I ask my council person, D Sage, why tax supported sports or venues like the zoo, the city owned swimming holes, tennis courts, etc., are not required to make money, his reply has always been they are different, although he cannot or will not elaborate why they are different. Thanks for your efforts. Good luck on your bid for the county board.

    Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2016 19:05:49 +0000 To: [email protected]

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