Hales not happy

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Council balked at David Hales’ plan to charge for “buckets” last night.  The plan was just too complicated.  Think he was happy?  Hit play below.


Easy and straight forward was never part of the plan.

What happens if you buy a house that already had their 2 free pickups?  Hales’ plan charges by address, not by name.  So, you throw some stuff on the curb the last owner left for you – and get billed.

Soon more admin staff will be needed to handle calls, complaints, and billings.

Curb shoppers could give the City some relief.  The City should promote reality, not Utopian plans for more money.

Maybe they could just quit expecting pickup to pay for itself?  (too easy)

Maybe they could privatize service.  Save employee costs, decrease pension expense, end this conversation forever.

Hint:  Private companies are going to do a better job, their income depends on it.





14 thoughts on “Hales not happy

  1. It is on a rare occasion that we use bulk pick up. In our area, Founder’s Grove, I don’t see many using this service. When we moved into our home 20 years ago, the previous owners ‘kindly’ left a bunch of junk we had to lug out of the basement. Thanks for that! We were thrilled that the city would this pick up with no additional fees. I certainly do not expect government to do this for free. It is in their best interests to keep it affordable otherwise you will see empty lots piled with junk as well as your own curb being gifted with mystery stuff! Other than those do-it-yourselfers, who uses this service? We have a broken suitcase and chair mat that need to go. I hate to see them in a landfill but these things cannot be fixed. It’s hardly a bucketful. Anything that can be used by someone else is donated.
    And again, Tari is comparing downtown Blm with a COLLEGE downtown, i.e. Champaign. It’s going to take a TON of money to bring our downtown up to snuff. Fix the issues we have now and then maybe come up with a plan. We just lost Sugar Mama’s bakery. Who else is leaving?


  2. Chitty Council: Just give us more of your money and be quiet. We’ll figure out which one of our public/private favorite partners will get it. That’s how socialism works. Keep it coming. Just give us more! More MONEY! Yes we want MORE MONEY!


  3. “Our role is to come up with the how, the technology,,,blah, blah, blah,,,. If that is YOUR ROLE Mr. Hales then quit hiring hundreds of thousands of dollars of consultants, Or resign and get a manager job at McDonalds, maybe you can handle that job without needing a consultant to re-teach you how to flip a burger every day!


  4. Someone on that so called newspaper said to google something. So I did.
    What is interesting is this story:

    Now read this one and notice what it states about 1/2 down.

    What is it they say, birds of with the same feathers flock together or something like that.
    Just incredible.


      1. I just know if I had someone interviewing for a position and I googled and saw that I know where that resume would have went. That would have been reason enough to say thank you and we wish you the best in your job search. Heck now they they don’t even waste a postage stamp on such replies anyhow so why bother. Given the job market it wouldn’t have been a difficult job to find a better candidate. If any city council members had any input on the hiring I wonder do they even know about google? Then again we’ll never know what was discussed in a “secret” executive session.


  5. I had to laugh at Joni Painter being appointed to work out the details of another new proposal. Should be some interesting math. Remember, she’s the one who couldn’t calculate what an additional 1% increase to the sales tax would be on a $100 purchase.


  6. David hales saying you’re “Very much overanalyzing” and “Make that process much more efficient” makes me want to STOP my Pantagraph subscription! That’s better then the daily funnies, SERIOUSLY, Hales talking analyzing and efficiency in the same discussion without a consultant? PRICELESS! How efficient is sending out the city worker with a pencil and paper after the counters break down? Efficient WAS WHAT the recycle and trash CARTS were supposed to be, efficient is NOT hiring consultants every time you trim your toenails Dave! As for Joni doing math-ROFL!


  7. Why not collect bulk waste (free) on the last garbage pickup of every month, and then have a hotline at public works where people can call in to obtain a scheduled date for an extra pickup ( paid-modest fee) for the remaining days of the month? That way, no extra equipment is needed,the homeowner is issued a number, and that number drives the billing on the water bill. Senior citizens and others with special needs should be afforded a reduced rate. Also, property owners of multiple dwellings should not be price gouged for the extra pickups either, and any fee allocated to this group should be reasonable as not to adversely impact rents.


    1. Imagine the people taking responsibility for the bulk waste they put on the curb by calling the city to schedule a pick-up. What would the city do if they didn’t have to coddle the citizens or enforce complicated, costly schemes.


  8. All part of the Left-wing playbook. Don’t you remember their Garbage/Trash/Landfill “crisis” of the 1980s? They thought they had a “cause” to destroy Capitalism and private property. Didn’t work, so they “discovered” Global Warming. But hey, these people haven’t had an original thought since Karl Marx, so it never hurts to resurrect an old “issue”.


  9. “Maybe they could privatize service. Save employee costs, decrease pension expense, end this conversation forever.”

    Wai…Wha…C’mon! That’s just crazy-talkin’ there.


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