County’s David Selzer: Them vrs Us

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By:  Diane Benjamin

The post below appeared on Republican County Board member Dave Selzer’s Facebook page yesterday.  The comments are even more revealing.  Dave agrees with Democrat Tari Renner 75% of the time!

The McLean County transparency rating by the Illinois Policy Institute is F.  I knew before I went to the interview the I am the LAST person the majority, if not all, the Board members want to see appointed/elected to the County Board.  Being a public servants isn’t why most are on the Board, it’s about prestige and control. 

Dave’s post is proof that no difference exists between the two parties, Republicans just don’t pass tax increases as fast.  Dave, the myriad of tax increases passed by Tari make his agenda possible.  Therefore, if you agree with him 75% of the time, you agree with stealing more and more money from taxpayers.  Democrat County Board member Erik Rankin agreed with you.  Cheryl Gaines,Normal Councilman, agreed with you.  Victoria Harris, Democrat member of the McLean County Board, also agreed.  Vicki Tilton wants your money spent downtown.

If you aren’t familiar with Facebook, people can protect their page and only allow “Friends” to see what they write.  Selzer didn’t do that.  People reading the page can click the “Like” button to stories they approve of.  Selzer’s post was sent to me by a reader who wanted me to respond.

The “Likes” to Dave’s story are very revealing.  See the complete list below, here are some:

Greg Cook works at Cities 92.9  Still listening?  Change to Ian Bayne 98.3 FM

Willis Kern – WGLT

Karen Schmit – Bloomington Alderman

Greg Koos

Kyle Ham – City of Bloomington

Jennifer McDade – former Bloomington Alderman

Bill Flick – Seriously Bill?

Leanna Bordner- ISU

Tracy Patkunas – Sales at Cities 92.9

Mike O’Grady – Economic Development Council

Another guy just “Liked” the post:  Greg Hableib  Works at Normal CornBelters Professional Baseball, Normal CornBelters and WJBC

One more note Dave:

Your Facebook page shows a beautiful family of kids and grandkids.  Look those precious little ones in the eye and explain why the County loves Federal money.  Explain why you support stealing their future by burying them in debt.  Every taxpayer in the US is $845,428 in total debt just to the Feds when unfunded liabilities are included.  Those babies are in actual REAL debt of $58,877 right now because the country passed the $19 TRILLION mark.

I fully expected attacks like yours.  I knew the room was hostile territory.  Most elected officials are ignoring the destruction they are creating.  Obviously attacking the messenger is easier than fixing the problems.  Obviously Dave isn’t a reader, everything I write I document with links to where the data came from.  Readers know that.  Calling me a liar makes you a fool.

Thanks though.  You just got even more readers.  The non-elected know it’s not Democrats versus Republicans.  It’s THEM versus the majority.


a5 a4 a3 a2 a1People who “Liked” the comment:




17 thoughts on “County’s David Selzer: Them vrs Us

  1. The issue the vast majority (over 80% in most polls) have with T Partiers is they refuse to compromise.

    As long as you do that you are not a viable candidate.

    NO one gets their way all of the time.



    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Who said I refuse to compromise? I want a discussion on the role of government. The Freedom Caucus in DC compromised when Paul Ryan claimed things would change. After he was elected Speaker he passed the omnibus spending bill that gave Obama everything he wanted. Is that the compromise you want?


    2. hhhhmmm I find it interesting that compromise only applies to conservative ideals. However, liberal mantras are exempt from such hindrances.


  2. should a interviewer be posting his personnel thoughts about a person being interviewed?? I’m thinking you are more than 75% in agreement with tari.


  3. Does agreeing with the Mayor 75% of the time include being a misogynist and a manipulator of facts? Did Mr. Selzer call for the resignation of an indicted member of the Board? His Facebook post is making personal attacks. How is that different. Maybe hypocrisy is where the Mayor and he agree.


  4. Agreeing with Tari 75% of the time, WOW, that’s probably better then his cronies at the “feed trough” Vicki Tilton, haven’t heard THAT name in a LONG time! When they were on my DOWNTOWN paper route, I GAVE them 2 weeks of the paper GRATIS, hoping they’d subscribe, after 2 weeks, they told me “We don’t have time to read it” That was 1972, SOME things NEVER change! At least Dick @ Wildcountry took the paper, and he didn’t hardly have enough money to put 2 tents in the place yet! Thanks again Dick!


  5. No ethics at all from Dave Seltzer! Why would someone post something like that in a public domain and feel that he can get by with it. He should have just kept his opinion to himself. Boo to you Dave Seltzer and you get a Pie Hole award.
    I wonder if he did something to his fb page because nothing comes up for him when I search.


  6. Just noticed that Kyle Ham, the CEO of the BN Economic Development Commission who liked Selzer’s comment lives in Springfield. Shouldn’t he live in BN if he has so much influence on the local economy?


  7. Incredible, coming from someone like Selzer who appears to have just recently moved here. Another rogue Republican that should be a Democrat. No wonder all of the liberal’s like his comment and views.
    Can you imagine what would happen if something like that was posted regarding a job interview. Why the company that person was from would be sued in no time.
    He’s just another dumb xxxx that thinks he can post things like that.
    They think building like crazy by the government is the answer to their budget woes. They forget government does not create jobs. They are all the typical in the pockets of the developers and special interest. Forget what the taxpayers needs and wants are. They are xxxx bent on forging ahead with their grand plan. One problem lipstick on a pig is just a pig and they haven’t realized that. Economic growth in this county is going down and they fail to realize it. Build it and they will come isn’t going to happen. Jerks!


  8. Its no surprise Scott Preston liked the comment. I recall when he was running for office how he touted Normal needed to be more fiscally responsible. What a joke he has turned out to be. As far as Selzer he is everything that is wrong with politics in our country. He is clearly a progressive which means he is part of the disease that needs to be uprooted form office..


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