Hales confirmed it

By:  Diane Benjamin

David Hales confirmed last night the City will be extending the Coliseum Management Contract with the failures managing it now.

Revenue is millions away from what citizens were told to expect.  Profits don’t pay any of the bond payments – citizens do with higher Sales Taxes.  Reports from before the Coliseum was built said bond payments would be paid from the profits generated.

The City and citizens have no idea how much John Butler collects in concessions sales and if the City is getting paid their share.  Hales never bothers to check.

The City has no idea who is on the payroll and how much they are paid, they don’t bother to check.

By the way, Tom Hamilton (former City manager) did look at both.

Former Mayor Judy Markowitz SAID the Coliseum would never cost citizens a dime.  She hired expensive consultants too to verify her claims!

The last CIAM report posted under “Coliseum” on the City website is from the year ended 4/30/15:  http://www.cityblm.org/index.aspx?page=21&parent=6548

The 3rd Quarter of 2016 report is now due.  (FOIA filed)

Hit play.  Hales says he has been talking to John Butler and Bart Rogers about connecting the Coliseum to the Conference Center.  Since their relationship is still cozy, expect the Council to vote on the extension soon.  The Council is uninformed enough to approve it, facts don’t matter to them.  Neither does my lawsuit.




18 thoughts on “Hales confirmed it

    1. There was also a young man in the front row wearing an IWU sweatshirt. Of course, former Mayor Smart was there to offer is support–maybe for the Coliseum.


  1. The synergy between the proposed hotel and the Coliseum will only be positive if there is new management at the Coliseum. The Council seems to think the city can support the hotel and restaurants with patronage from locals. In order produce enough revenue to pay for the bond, there needs to be revenue from a large number of visitors like conventions otherwise it will be paid for with local tax dollars. Nobody asked how the conference center might negatively affect the revenue to the Coliseum. There are so many red flags but like in a bullfight, the dumb animal keeps charging toward its demise.


  2. Wow. Seriously. Between Hales’ voice, Black’s voice and Tari’s stumbling/bumbling, they seriously look and sound like a bunch of clowns.


  3. Mr. G gave the Council a memo just prior to the meeting. It was not part of the packet. Read the ordinance below and decide if what happened was appropriate. What does the FOIA say about this action?

    Chapter 2 : Section 24 : Submission of Matters for Council Consideration.
    All reports, communications, ordinances, resolutions, contract documents, or other matters to be submitted to the Council shall be delivered to the City Manager, or his or her designee, no later than a time to be determined by the City Manager. The City Manager shall determine the order of agenda items and cause the agenda and supporting documents to be prepared for distribution. The City Clerk shall post the agenda and distribute supporting documents to the Council and Mayor for consideration. (Ordinance No. 2012-07


      1. Mr. G. stated he posted it on his website and it would be available on the city’s website. I checked both websites earlier today and couldn’t find anything.

        Just another cases of failing to follow city ordinances.


  4. Cant u see the inevitable train wreck on the horizon? Betcha Tari cant! (or doesnt want to admit he does) Tari is not only hanging himself but the taxpayers as well. The fiscal cliff if growing by the minute. With the economy not only locally but nationwide hitting bottom, the destruction of Bloomington will be deafening!


    1. But only after the destruction/”train wreck” of the existing economic system can “they” build their “Utopian” Marxist State. Standard Communist ideology/methodology. Tari’s plan, Barak’s plan, Bernie’s Plan. Connect the dots……………..


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