Tyranny Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin

I find it amazing the Pantagraph has details of the budget David Hales is going to propose Monday night, but the citizens don’t!

Nothing is included in the packet, do the aldermen have details?  Obviously the Pantagraph is running interference for the City yet again.

In 2013 the General Fund spending was  $74,535,650.  http://blnnews.com/2016/02/16/tari-5-pinocchios/

In 2017, Hales is proposing $105,000,000 General Fund spending.

Conservatively, that is a spending increase of $30,464,350.  Money is shifted around to Enterprise Funds, so actual amounts are higher.

Jim Karch reports in Hales’ City Manager Monthly reports that garbage is picked up from 24,500 houses.  (See December 2015 City Manager’s report http://www.cityblm.org/index.aspx?page=21&parent=8106)

$30,464,350 divided by 24,500 = $1,243 per house spending increase just since 2013.

That doesn’t include increases NOT in the General Fund.

Legalized theft by government!

Total proposed spending is $207,000,000

$207,000,000 divided by 24,500 = $8,449 per household.

Total spending in 2013 was $167,000,000.  That’s a $40,000,000 increase since Renner became mayor.

(see Budget in Brief  http://www.cityblm.org/index.aspx?page=21&parent=7074)

Ready to #DumpRenner?

Give back the pension funding award Tari, passing the plan and then changing the rules because the plan was never affordable disqualifies you as a recipient.






7 thoughts on “Tyranny Tari

    1. Lot’s of single folks don’t even double that number if you include the milennials still living at home. It’s a really sad situation out here.

  1. Heck, Bernie Madoff did a BETTER job of managing money. This kind of spending at ALL levels HAS TO STOP!! It’s just not sustainable (nor is Green Top)! Is the mayor and council TRYING to get EVERYONE on Medicaid? Who’ll PAY for Connect Transit then if everyone’s riding for FREE?? Figures don’t LIE, but Liars ***!

  2. Some woman from green top grocery just gave a little speech to the council and Renner asked for comment from council. Obviously that little weasel has been trying to infiltrate his agenda into public comment. I can’t stand that man, and 100 percent of people I talk to can’t stand him either,

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