More CIAM lies

By:  Diane Benjamin

Here’s the CIAM contract:  Management Agreement CIAM

See page 6:


CIAM contributed the concessions equipment in order to get the contract.

They don’t own it!  The City of Bloomington does.

Let the spin begin!

6 thoughts on “More CIAM lies

    1. It really shouldn’t matter how much the equipment is worth if the City owns it, the city doesn’t have to “buy” it from CIAM.


  1. Who evens know if CIAM really wanted to continue their contract? They may have planned from the beginning that after the 10 year contract, the concession equipment wouldn’t be worth a crap (10 year life span on food machinery, refrigeration equipment, etc. is probably about as long as it was built to last) and they would have gotten all the benefit they could possibly reap. It’d be all downhill after 10 years. Think about it . . . CIAM had a 10 year contract w/no revenue/profit goals, big fat guaranteed paychecks PLUS commission on concession sales! They knew they couldn’t ride that sweet gig for a second contract term.

    Course now . . . Bloomington will have to find someone to run the joint. Butler, et al will be riding off into the sunset just in time to enjoy a comfortable retirement. All Bloomington can do now is put someone in charge of continuing to book acts and maintain the day-to-day operations. Lucky for the person coming in . . . shoes aren’t too big to fill. If they break even . . . they’ll be a hero. Make a profit and we all might go into a state of shock.

    Must’a been nice to have a 10 year contract w/no repercussions for failure. Kinda like a unionized government job, but without any supervisor to answer to.

    Oh well.

    I heard Tari on JBC sayin’ the City might ask for CIAM’s help during the transition to new management. At first blush, I think that’s a bad idea. I say we hold the door open for them on the 31st. Better still, show’m the door now. They walked away from the table . . . they’re not gonna want to “help.” Besides, is theirs the kind of “help” Bloomington needs?

    Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye


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