Goodbye CIAM

By:  Diane Benjamin

Can anybody remember Tari Renner campaigning 4 years ago for transparency at the Coliseum?

Got one of those short campaign video clips talking about the Coliseum Tari?

Tari claimed that on WJBC this afternoon with Dan Swaney discussing the exit of the current Coliseum management.

Both men know about my lawsuit – neither mentioned it.

Nobody ever mentioned transparency with concessions at the Coliseum until I did!

Nobody knew concessions weren’t audited.

Nobody knew the City never checked to see if John Butler paid the City what they were owed.

Nobody cared until I filed a lawsuit.

Pretend nobody knows Tari and Dan, how’s la-la land?

More tomorrow!


15 thoughts on “Goodbye CIAM

  1. Good going Diane. If it weren’t for you we would never know about all the financial mismanagements and waste of our taxpayer dollars.

      1. The Mayor would end up choking on crow if he gave you any credit. How’s that for a mental image. Most everyone knows the truth because of your reporting but he will not acknowledge that.

  2. Wow I had not heard about that. Your work definitely was the major cause of that. Thank you for exposing what really goes on. Keep up the great work!

  3. Now every taxpayer in this city should be phoning and contacting their representative and demanding the city sell it now and get it off the books. A prime time to offload the Clownisium.

    I noticed the local rag gossip website didn’t give you credit for the lawsuit. Heaven yes they knew darn well Diane you filed one.

  4. Ms Benjamin I have a saying that goes, “Sometimes if you don’t toot you’re own horn, it never gets tooted.” But ‘m beginning to think maybe your’s might be stuck?

  5. You KNOW my take on CIAM! Keep the FULL COURT press going. And we don’t need a hotel as a “window dressing” to get COMPETENT management into the arena-lord knows it NEEDS it! Rock on!

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