How to get a Wind Farm approved?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Logan County Board had rejected plans for a Wind Farm by a company named Relight.  That didn’t stop them from trying again.  Relight is an Italian company, gee I wonder why they want to build here.  It can’t have anything to do with Europe abandoning wind and the US handing out huge subsidies.  Naw.

See this article:

One Board member who voted NO the first time changed her mind:

County Board member Jan Schumacher thanked everyone in the public for their calls and communications in this matter. Schumacher said that she initially voted no on the previous application because there were so many uncertainties and so many people voicing opposition to the project with nobody speaking positively. Schumacher said she has since changed her mind, due to the property value plan Relight has worked on and that more people have spoken in favor for this application.

“I wanted to make sure we didn’t have residents who were unable to sell their home because of the project,” said Schumacher. Schumacher also said that she does not want to see the school close down, as many other people have said, because that could also drive away young families.

Schumacher also said that Woo’s credibility helped as well. “His attention to all these details, a willingness to work with all these groups; he’s been very frank and open,” said Schumacher.

Schumacher said she has been disappointed with the division this application has caused. Schumacher said she knows other people have wanted to speak on this issue, but they have been afraid to because of its sensitive nature. “That’s far worse than any development that could come into the community. I would just encourage everyone on both sides to put their differences behind and to move forward,” said Schumacher.

Shortly after this vote, Schumacher and her husband moved to Missouri.  She now has a new job.  I’m SURE her vote has nothing to do with her new position with a sustainable energy non-profit.  It HAS to be a coincidence that she was against the project before she was for it.

The people in Logan County need to know the facts though.

One note:  Livingston County voted against a new wind farm because the numbers were not correct.  Prairie Central Schools determined that within a few years the farm would COST them money, not be the big windfall predicted.

From Schumacher’s LinkedIn account:





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  1. Please try facts. Wind is here abundant and growing.

    Why are u tea’ers against everything?

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    1. MILLIONS of dollars of subsidizes and not that much electricity is produced. Japan and China have dropped new wind. Gee, let’s not learn a thing from the rest of the world!

    2. Wind is only profitable because of massive government subsidies. The question remains if it will ever be profitable without the subsidies. I don’t think it will unless the government succeeds in killing off all fossil fuels. At the point any renewable energy will be profitable to the small minority that can afford it.

      1. Yeah, and where do those massive government subsidies come from? But from tax payer dollars and it’s no wonder taxes keep going up, because we are expected to flip the bill on all these wasteful spending projects! As Margaret Thatcher once said about socialism—-sooner or later you run out of some one else’s money! Obviously for Logan County board, it’s easy to spend/waste someone else’s money!

    3. “Why are u tea’ers against everything?”

      Not everything, my little drama queen. We actually enjoy keeping OUR money in OUR pockets.

      By the way Tommy, I asked Diane the other day if you forwarded your Checking account info but she said she hadn’t heard anything from you. I’ll be needing that information pretty soon seeing as how my property taxes are coming due. I know you have a heartfelt desire to help your fellow man in his time of need, so I am certain I shall be hearing from you directly.

      If you are uncomfortable with giving that information out over the interwebz, reply below with your address, and I can send you a self addressed stamped envelope. Just insert a blank check and mail it back to me. I may take a little extra – nothing outrageous – just enough to get a table for lunch (three ‘Black and Tans’) next to Mayor Renner at Rosies! If this is too much, I can always downgrade to having a ‘Big John’ at Jimmy Johns with City Manager Hales.

      While Jimmy Johns doesn’t serve ‘Black and Tans’, it would give me the opportunity to discuss with Mr. Hales the finer points of using your PC Spending card on cheap sandwiches at Jimmy Johns when he makes more money than the Governor of Illinois. The lessons in audacity i would learn as we stuffed our faces with high-carb fattening sandwiches will serve me for a lifetime!

      Thank you for your attention to this matter.

      With best regards,


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  2. Well Tommy, I wish YOU would have to stand and look at these monstrosities EVERY day, and see the huge amount of upkeep they require, and drive the roads that the trucks that brought them here have basically destroyed. OH, and How many are STILL owned by original owners? They build them, them sell them at a loss, so the NEXT company can drop the tax assessment. And in 10 years we could hand YOU a shovel to dig out the “40 inch” base level that’s stipulated!

  3. Whatever happened to this Wind Farm?

    The word is Relight is one bankrupt firm that owes millions $$ to its employees and to the states in unpaid taxes. The company owners have been sued for criminal misconduct using company funds for their personal uses. The company and the owners have been sued by the former employees, former shareholders, the banks, and all third parties for unpaid massive amount of money. The owners are on the run from law.

    The Logan County Board should ask an update from Relight on the project and on the financial, legal status of the ownership.

  4. Last July 2015 the Logan County Board voted in favor of the Relight Project in Mt. Pulaski area, even after many residents protested the project. In September the County Board voted another wind farm in the New Holland/Middletown area called Sugar Creek One Project in which Apex will be taking over a project from another company.

    Dr. David Hepler, the county chairman, tried to explain to me that Obama had allocated this money to them for this project. My comment to him was what money? The government doesn’t have any money—-we are 19.5 trillion dollars in debt! All they are doing is adding to the national debt and bringing down the county big time in thinking that they are going to get all this money for the project.

    They turned their backs from The Truth about wind energy and the fact that Europe is sick and tired of this technology and wants to opt out of this expensive source of energy that is not clean, not green, and not cheap! They turned their backs to all the research that shows wind energy causes health issues, damages the environment, devaluates property values—-who cares about their neighbors nor who cares about being good stewards to the land? They would rather live with the lies and illusions that the big bucks will eventually come rolling in and somehow their Common Core Math just doesn’t seem to add up!

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