More eating on your dime +

By: Diane Benjamin

From Bills and Payroll for Monday night:

ADMIN Rosie’s Pub $ 31.86 Business lunch T. Renner & J.Smart
ADMIN Hansen Center $ 5.96 Business lunch T. Renner & A. Hays
ADMIN Hansen Center $ 9.07 Business lunch T. Renner & A. Hays
ADMIN Station 220 Inc $ 34.25 Business lunch T. Renner & C.Koos
ADMIN Jewel $ 54.27 Legislative meeting supplies
ADMIN Hy Vee $ 283.00 CC Budget work session
ADMIN Panera Bread $ 259.95 CC / Legislative Light Meal
ADMIN Rosie’s Pub $ 33.00 Business lunch T.Renner & B. Whisman
ADMIN Rosie’s Pub $ 28.53 Business lunch T.Renner & J.Painter
ADMIN Medici $ 29.00 Business lunch T.Renner & M.Mwilambwe
ADMIN Hansen Center $ 21.06 Business lunch T.Renner, R.Fazzini & T.Klink
ADMIN Baxters American Grille $ 39.50 Business lunch T.Renner & J.Jordan
ADMIN Rosie’s Pub $ 28.50 Business lunch T.Renner, J.Protzman
ADMIN Rosie’s Pub $ 29.00 Business lunch for T.Renner & E.Trujillo
ADMIN Marcos Pizza $ 54.96 CC light meal
ADMIN Panera Bread $ 145.55 Sister City student exchange luncheon with T.Renner
ADMIN Jimmy John’s $ 15.87 Business lunch D.Hales & K.Schmidt
ADMIN Marcos Pizza $ 18.99 Business lunch D.Hales & D.Sage
ADMIN Jimmy John’s $ 16.54 Business lunch D.Hales & D.Crutcher
ADMIN Jewel $ 20.97 Office beverages
ADMIN Jimmy John’s $ 28.73 Business lunch D.Hales, D.Sage, M.Mwilambwe, J.Jurgens
ADMIN Marcos Pizza $ 15.99 Business lunch D.Hales, S.Black, J.Jurgens
ADMIN Jims Steakhouse $ 71.85 Mayor’s & Manager’s lunch
ADMIN Jewel $ 30.97 Office beverages

One voice:

ADMIN Dc Taxi J122 $ 24.81 Taxi ‐ One Voice 2016
ADMIN Dc Taxi D184 $ 12.82 Taxi ‐ One Voice 2016
ADMIN Seifu Haile $ 34.38 Taxi ‐ One Voice 2016
ADMIN American Air $ 25.00 Baggage fee Mayor 3/1/16
ADMIN American Air $ 25.00 Baggage fee J.Fruin 3/1/16
ADMIN American Air $ 25.00 Baggage fee Mayor 3/3/16
ADMIN American Air $ 25.00 Baggage fee J.Fruin 3/3/16


ADMIN Wm Supercenter $ 254.00 Items for the EAC Event
ADMIN Bensons Maytag Inc $ 774.00 City Hall Ice Machine
ADMIN Prof Development CPSM $ 1,550.00 Reg. D.Hales & B.Heffner 21st Century Policing
ADMIN Prof Dev ISU Conf Unit $ 199.00 Reg. Midwest Social Media Conference for N.Dukowitz
ADMIN Prof Development ICSC $ 50.00 Reg. ICSC Program D.Hales


legal2 legal1Coliseum:

City paid for the Liquor License approved by the Council for VenueWorks.  (City and State)

col4 col3 col2 col1.





14 thoughts on “More eating on your dime +

  1. Does Renner ever pay for his own lunch? With all the grocery money he’s saving by eating on the taxpayer’s dime, he’s got enough to pay his real estate taxes.


  2. The establish bar owners have to pay increased license fees but the City is paying for VenueWorks!?! Is that hidden in their contract? VenueWorks 3 month contract is to be amended to extend it to one year because of an issue with a State Statute. Shouldn’t the lawyers and the Liquor Commissioners be familiar with this detail prior to formulating the original 3 month contract?


  3. Know many of these eating establishments. Know the menus. Know the prices. There are only 2 ways a lunch for 2 could be in the $30+ range, as many, many of Tari’s “free feeds” are.

    1) Alcohol is ILLEGALLY being billed to taxpayers. (And given the rumors of “Tari’s Little Problem”, that would not surprise me at all.)

    2) The most expensive items on the menu are purposely being selected, in conscious contempt for the taxpayers who are picking up the tab.

    Again, these are the ONLY way you achieve a $35 lunch for 2 at most of these places.

    Which is it, Mr Mayor?


    1. Do they have to turn in the receipts? Can those be FOIA’d? I suspect there are large tips given as well. Why not when you are not paying for it?


  4. Who is T. Klink and what’s up with the meeting with Renner and Fazzini at the IWU Hansen Center? It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall at this lunch.


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