A Socialist’s Dream

By:  Diane Benjamin

From the packet for Monday’s Bloomington City Council meeting:  http://www.cityblm.org/index.aspx?page=242&parent=9534

Connect Transit – 2016 budget

connaaConnect Transit 2017 Budget:

conn2Taxpayers are forced to subsidize the huge empty buses!

Instead of using smaller buses for lightly used routes, bigger is always better.

Meanwhile, fees on everything are being raised because “user pays” justifies it.  It just doesn’t apply to riding the bus.





7 thoughts on “A Socialist’s Dream

  1. Yes, and they want to change the routes, reduce the number of buses, in a way that will make them even emptier. I ride the bus to and from work now, but they want to make it so that there will be no buses in NE Normal nor far north Normal. They also want to cut out all buses to Heartland CC.

    People rely on the bus system. You are correct that thry could use smaller, but still handicapped accessible buses.


    1. The south end of Bloomington will no longer have bus service either according to the new proposal. I know of people who live the trailer parks who rely on the buses to get to work. There is Section 8 housing (Danbury Court) off Fox Creek Rd. South Bloomington is a “food desert.” I routinely see people walking or biking on South Veterans during the day AND night to get to and from work or shopping. The same is true on far West Oakland Ave. which is a narrow two lane country road. There are no sidewalks or bike trails that serve the area. I guess those that live on the South Side don’t matter.


  2. I’m “forced” to support schools I don’t use. This country is socialist.

    Not even you are this daft.

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    1. It is not the use of taxpayer dollars people are opposed to. It’s the blatant misue of those dollars that people are mad about. There is no need to have buses as big as the ones they are using. To go back to the school analogy, underused schools are closed down. When new schools are built, they are not made bigger than can be used. If those buses were a school, and they would have been shut down long ago.


    2. Schools are controlled by elected board members. Connect Transit here is controlled by appointed members. Schools that you don’t use you do have a say in who controls them but not so with public transit.


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