Better ARM yourself

By:  Diane Benjamin

See this survey of the safest cities in Illinois with a population over 5000:

291 cities included.  Bloomington was a dismal 226 out of 291, Normal wasn’t a lot better at 189.  The survey is from 2014.   How’s that for  Quality of Life!  The meaning of rank out of 291 is obvious, the other two numbers are less obvious and the story doesn’t explain.

Looks like self-defense is the best offense.








  1. Ha. Worse than Cicero on Chicago’s West side.


  2. They used the total number of reported crimes for each of the following and then ranked them.

    Violent crimes per capita (murders, assaults, rapes, armed robberies)
    Property crimes per capita (thefts, burglaries, motor vehicle thefts)
    Total crimes per capita


  3. Maggie says:

    What is interesting–and oh so politically incorrect—is the demographic and “status” characteristics of most of the Bloomington-Normal criminals. Statistically overwhelming! Had a law enforcement officer risk his career, perhaps his life, to share the data with me. Absolutely mind blowing.


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